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  • Chris on Acts 8:37
    Adding or taking away has serious consequences.

    The serpent added the word "not".

    Revelation says "to him who adds to this book, to him shall be added the plagues written in this book. To him who takes away, his name will be taken out of the book of life.

    Now..double check your choice.

    Loving the truth has a great reward attached. Gods protection against deception! But if you do not love the truth, God will deceive you. (2 thes.2)
  • Adam - in Reply on Acts 8:37
    Hi Chris,

    I don't believe God deceives people, but he allows satan to, and for you to deceive yourselves. In the past God used special circumstances to interact someone more than normal too, like hardening Pharaohs heart, like allowing satan to tempt Job, allowing people to not see or understand things unless they genuinely sought the truth. If you look at 2 Thessalonians 2:11 it said God sent them a 'delusion'. It says in verse 9 satan is behind it. How do you know for certain that God didn't just allow satan to do the tempting? He could have easily been the delusion. It doesn't say God 'made' them believe the lie either, it was likely still their own choice. People can often blind themselves by having a hard heart. Jesus said that's why he spoke in parables that way: Matthew 13:13.

    So, I provided evidence that is consistent with the rest of scripture that I do not believe God tempts James 1:13 or deceives people, but that for everyone He allows satan to roam and tempt, and in certain circumstances in the Bible he interacted more intimately with people to truly challenge them so that through it God's glory would be revealed.

    God bless...
  • Richard - in Reply on Acts 8:37
    To Adam, on your reply to Chris:

    I very much agree with your statement. As their is much out there to deceive but God knows everything. As I know the Word of God is in the Bible I believe the Lord want's us to search it out instead of just believing every single word in the book. With my own eyes I have seen things that just don't feel right, things changed through versions, and things removed through versions of the Bible also. This proves the Word of God is not preserved in a book printed by man. The 1611 KJV is the best we have to my knowledge. Love one another my brothers an sisters, repent from sin and bear good fruit to make the Lord happy. Life may not be easy but keep your faith and pray. Our Eternal Father loves you and will not fail you. God bless you all in Jesus Christ!
  • Carleton - in Reply on Acts 8:37
    The hedge that surrounded Job is the True Church, the Bride of Christ. This is a lamb's protection, outside of this Church, the hedge is far more dangerous and leaves for far more influences that can steal and kill the Truth once delivered. Job did not at first understand the quality of that hedge but he learned later the Truth of it. Our righteousness is within the hedge and not of ourselves, if we try to work around this hedge we are poor, blind and naked.


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