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  • Carleton on Psalms 51:12
    Dear fellow traveller, sometimes it is good to remember that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all who believe. It does not matter at all what you believe in this world as true or false, because the world is not part of the Kingdom of Christ. Seek and you shall find, knock and His door will open. In the world it is getting more and more difficult to complete another day without fear gnawing at one's heart. Freedom from fear is faith and true repentance in Jesus Christ (pour out your unrighteousness before Jesus Christ and turn away from sin and become a new creature in Him). Do not be dismayed by those who may claim the same faith and yet walk without peace and love and most importantly forgiveness and reconciliation in our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. There will be no excuse before the Lord not to have personally come to Him and have let Him (Jesus) wash away your sins by His finished work at Calvary. His blood and water spilt there that fell back to the dust of the earth gave us a second chance to inherit an eternal life in peace and praise, if only we would believe unto Salvation. We cannot do this work ourselves and we must recognize that our very selves, our very hearts and minds are polluted and need the Lord's gift of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide His people, His Holy people, His eternal Tribe to the Last day. In the Last day, he will come for the believer, he will lift the believer up and away from the earth they live in and on. He will change the believer to an eternal state with a Holy eternal Body. Likewise on this same last day the earth and firmament will also be change to a state of eternal darkness and despair. The sinners left will cry out for judgement and try to confess their sin but there will only be despair. They, the devil, Satan and the un-holy fallen angels will along with the burning earth and firmament will enter into the eternal fallen state in eternal darkness in the lake of fire.

    This day will come like a thief in the night.
  • Deacon Ced - in Reply on Psalms 51
    After reading the comment and finding so many things that apply to our world today. I am always amazed at how God is using people to fish for people in the quest to save souls. Encouraging for me
  • Gracelyn Fletcher - in Reply on Psalms 51
    Just wanted in Jesus name to thank Carleton for the blessing of Christ's holy word and his hand in the prosperity of those bringing it forth. Thanks


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