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  • William M Patterson on Daniel 2
    here in chapter 2 verse 43 where it says "they shall mingle themselves with the seeds of men"

    who are the "they" and what does mingle refer to?
  • Book of Daniel - in Reply on Daniel 2
    This is what this websites commentary box says for these verses. By Matthew Henry, 1610.

    31-45 This image represented the kingdoms of the earth, that should successively rule the nations, and influence the affairs of the Jewish church. 1. The head of gold signified the Chaldean empire, then in being. 2. The breast and arms of silver signified the empire of the Medes and Persians. 3. The belly and thighs of brass signified the Grecian empire, founded by Alexander. 4. The legs and feet of iron signified the Roman empire. The Roman empire branched into ten kingdoms, as the toes of these feet. Some were weak as clay, others strong as iron. Endeavours have often been used to unite them, for strengthening the empire, but in vain. The stone cut out without hands, represented the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, which should be set up in the kingdoms of the world, upon the ruins of Satan's kingdom in them. This was the Stone which the builders refused, because it was not cut out by their hands, but it is become the head stone of the corner. Of the increase of Christ's government and peace there shall be no end. The Lord shall reign, not only to the end of time, but when time and days shall be no more. As far as events have gone, the fulfilling this prophetic vision has been most exact and undeniable; future ages shall witness this Stone destroying the image, and filling the whole earth.

    Mishael: after Rome fell, there would be 10 kingdoms (I think, within the Middle East and surrounding).

    Genesis 17:20-21 God blessed Abraham's son, Ishmael; and spoke of 12 princes and kingdoms, wealth and power. Powers over there are shifting around.

    Daniel is hard to understand, but scripture prophesies Daniel 12:9-10, that near the end, the wise would understand.


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