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  • Mina on Numbers 1
    I think even from the very beginning, God knew that mankind (we,the people) will try to do what is evil in their heart. Preparing the Israelites for present danger, for example in this case,battle or war. It is important as chosen people of God to have a designated army for the protection of each and every tribe. After all, they were in bondage by Egyptians for a very long time. As we all know, there are other nations already roaming in the earth, and in order for them to get to the promise land, they will have to go through a lot of them. Remember, the Giants.

    Applying it to our present time, America, for example have different branch of the military. We have the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guards-It is also for the protection of our country. Not to go to war per say,but to protect us from the foreign or domestic threats.


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