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  • The Word also says the letter kills but the Spirit is life.

    Spiritual things are spiritually understood.

    The word also says there is neither male or female in Christ.

    Als neither Jew nor Greek but one new man.

    And when we are in the spirit we are the voice of God.

    If a woman is born again of the spit of God the Word says we all have the power to become The sons of God.

    When one is moving in the Holy Spirit the are moving in the true Man Christ.

    Weather male or female.

    If a man is not moving in the anointing of Christ he is in the flesh which is denial in relationship to the Man Christ.

    The spiritual man lays down his life for his wife asChrist for the Church (the Body of Christ made up of all believers male and female.

    Both equal in Christ.

    Natural man would have woman be subject to him where The spiritual man in Christ as God would see her as the object of his love and laid down his life for Her (his bride the church)

    All members of Christ's body the church are female to God.

    And this applies to all members of the Body of Christ men and women.

    In Geniuses it show man starting as male and female but one.

    The world says the 5 fold ministry in Ephesians is given that we may all grow up into one new Man in Christ.

    A true Spiritual Man is a man when he is moving in the Spirit of Christ. Then he has authority love and covering.

    Otherwise he is female in relationship to Christ and wise to move under a covering.

    God loves his people and desire us to love him and one another.

    Jesus said when the Holy Spirit comes upon you He will lead you into all truth. Jesus is truth and truths will always be on with him who is the living word and dwells in his people.

    We are free to know the truth and to hear his voice. For he became the way the truth and the life we live.

    I have not shared like this before so I ask that you have grace with my grammar.

    Just ask God to show the truth and he will. Seek and we shall find.

    God Bless & Spirit lead.



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