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  • Rev Tim George on Amos 2
    Jehovah God raised up the sons of Israel to be prophets and the young men to be Nazarites, but the people told the sons not to prophesy and gave wine to drink to the Nazarites, who were not to drink wine. This is what Paul warned would happen in the last days, they would not endure sound doctrine, but would heap up teachers with itching ears. Alcoholism has destroyed many from preaching the gospel, as Paul told the young minister Timothy, to drink a little wine, for his stomach. Today it is not done in moderation and many are being defiled. May God use us to say thus saith the Lord, as Amos did and say we must obey God and not men. When we do this we will be able to preach the gospel in season when it is wanted and out of season when it is not desired. May God give us the grace to heed the call of the souls of men and women who need Jesus the only Mediator between God and man.

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