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  • Williem on Matthew 10:33
    Shalom katoa,with out The Holy Spirit in a Believers Life he is lost.
  • Mercelline Lunda - in Reply on Matthew 10:33
    Jesus names his disciples in Matthew 10:2-4. The first five disciples have been mentioned in the previous chapters as stated below:-

    Simon Peter and Andrew Matthew 4:18

    James son of Zebedee and John Matthew 4:21

    Matthew the tax collector matt:9:9

    Where is it written in the bible how he got the other seven?

    Phillip and Bartholomeo


    James son of Alphaeus


    Simon the cananite

    Judas Iscariot


  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 10:33
    You have to read all 4 gospels (the Harmony) and the book of Acts to find these things out.

    Read the center column references beside the verses for extra information.

    You'll find that (Judas) Iscariot was written in a prophesy from Psalms. Jesus knew Judas would betray Him, upfront.

    Some things you can google and find out how Jesus added each disciple into "the twelve". How they died, etc.


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