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  • Dina Kobson on Matthew 28
    Why was Paul so much concern about the perilous time. Was it a prophecy or discernment into the future
  • Alexander BarMikiel - in Reply on Matthew 28
    He said, many ravenous wolves will come among you, even now. He also said even now there are many anti-Christs. Paul was concerned for his brothers and sisters, but more for God's sake. He knew things were going to get really bad. in 70, the siege of Jerusalem, 100-300 the age of martyrs. 330-600 the age of the emperor's control on the church. If you were a follower of anything deemed "Jewish like" that includes praying, tithing to your pastor and not the empire, keeping Sabbath on a day not set by the Romans, refusing to fight in expansionist wars, reading the old testament, etc... you could be put to death, and it happened often. Then came 600-700, the age of the schism. People know about Greece and Rome, orthodox vs catholic, but they don't know about Bulgaria and Maphyiastite. Bulgaria kept a 7th day sabbath and Kosher, Maphyiastite didn't believe in trinity or state control of the church. they were hunted as heretics. 700-900, the Muslim invasion of Europe and Rome, as well as the "heathen invasion of Rome proper". Then came 900-1000 vikings, then 1000-1400 Crusades, where the name of God was vilified even more. Then came the "renaissance" when they started saying, "well, God didn't mean that." Not to mention Dante's inferno and that heretical piece of garbage that was used to scare people away from hell and into "heaven". Then there was the age of discovery and the "evangelizing" of America. Again, God's name was vilified and tarnished by people claiming to love him. Then the reformation happened and a huge war that claimed a million Christians on both sides. Then the Cossacks eradicated the Jews and Gypsies from Russia in "God's name". Then WW1, then WW2. Christians have been through a lot, and a lot of it was because of wolves and anti-christs that rose up within the midst.


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