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  • Row on Romans 1:27
    So if u believe Gods word is not true.(who then created you?Gods word he says ""I know every hair on your head "".I formed you in your mothers whom.God created the heavens and the earth.No one created God God has always exsisted.God spoke the worlds into exsistance..Have you ever Read Gods word.?Its a sad state of a person when you die there is Heaven there is Hell. .When you die your fate is sealed.salvation is a free gift.who turns down a free gift?.Think about it.
  • Frank Garcia - in Reply on Romans 1:27
    My dear brother indeed the words of the Holy Spirit are true so the Holy Bible are also true to the Christian because we walk by faith without faith the words in the bible are not understood because the words of the Bible are spiritual not of the natural. May love follow you in words and faith.


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