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  • Sananka on Deuteronomy 22:5
    While people are still trying to 'Justify' the Scriptures to make them 'fit' their lifestyles, this Scripture is as plain as the nose on their faces. It said, men shall NOT wear womens' garments and women shall not wear that which pertaineth to a man (shall NOT wear mens' clothing). Whosoever does this, is an Abomination to the Lord thy God.

    If you are 'straight' and are doing this, it is 'wrong', an Abomination. If you are 'gay' in any way, that is 'doublely wrong' on you, mainly because 1- You being a homosexual, committing the act of homosexuality, is an Abomination to the Lord thy God- Lev. 18:22 & Rom. 1:27, and 2- you are wearing the opposite gender's clothing, and some of you have actually changed your genders, just to be able to wear them, is an Abomination. Men shouldn't wear long hair nor women to have bald heads as fashion statements either. We all know that we were and still are being taught by pastors who 'skirt' around the Truth. If they tell you they have read the 'whole' Bible, then they have all read this Scripture, and still, they don't address neither one of these Scriptures to anyone, inside or outside the Church. The preachers should never be ashamed or scared to preach the Word of Truth. Yes, the Word is to help those who need it. Everyone needs Spiritual help and guidance, through the Word and with prayer. The Word is also Truth, so it will step on some peoples' toes, and the Truth hurts, but still, preach the Truth. This is not something that preachers should be 'beating -around-the-bush' about with anyone. If preachers aren't preaching the Truth, then the are preaching Lies. If people can't get the truth from preachers, in order for their lives to be saved, delivered, changed and accepted by the Heavenly Father, and no longer be called an Abomination by Him, they will be lost. It's already like that now-people are lost, but I'm going to, "Let them alone...the blind leading the blind, and they all fall into the ditch." Matthew 15:14 KJV.
  • Sarah - in Reply on Deuteronomy 22:5
    ..let me add to your comment sananka, that since those being led by those blind leaders are also blind ..they are women wearing men's clothes and are blind to how they look..they actually think its ok...yep it's ok ladies to wear men's garments....because nobody sees them as men's pants..they're women's pants..ok? naked..and don't even know it.

    well according to revelation 3..the church is full of undressed members that don't see their nakedness..consider this...women are wearing pants and donte even see that they're dressing like a abominatiin and dont even know it.. not a deliberate act..they are blind. but have you tried telling those ladies they're an abomination to god for wearing men's clothes..i.e pants..????

    the devil has the women of this age in his cunning deception...look..the men are not blind..they will wear a skirt as a deliberate act of defiance..but the women wear pants and are none the wiser..see where the devil has worked on eve?? because she was designed to be that way..totally deluded..blind to her. nakedness and blind to abominable clotbes.. by nature that woman is deceivable ..get back to your husband the word eve..

    now read deuteronomy 22:5 again with your eyes open...


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