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  • Bruce on Genesis 6
    Sons of God are men in Gods image .. Male and female He created us .. No angels were created to procreate and the book of Enoch is a lie .. It clearly claims that all, ''ALL'' fallen angel offspring ''nephillim'' were 300 cubits tall = 450' tall .. Ridiculous and stupid .. Angels first estate were to serve, worship God and be messengers .. Then you have ''kinds after their kinds'' to get around and convince that the lie there were angels capable of producing children mating with mankind .. Next you have to convince they could care for a family instead of killing them .. So stop it and quit making demons heroes, sickening to give demons that much credit .. Quit wasting valuable time on that nonsense and stick with truth and away from Jewish and other fables ..
  • CHARLES JORDAN - in Reply on Genesis 6
    So, let us say "sons of God" are all men in God's image.

    Mmm...are not angels sons of God ?....yes.

    Job 1 and 2 clearly refer to angels as sons of God.

    And are not all men created in the image of God ?....yes.

    And referred to as Man and son of man

    Psalms 8 verse 4 makes that distinction clear...and there are other verses too.

    And the Book of Jude 1(verse 6 ) clearly illustrates that there are fallen angels.

    Also Revelation 12 verse 9.

    Yes, there are the same disobedience problems with angels AND men.

    So, I am NOT convinced that 1 ENOCH is false.

    Did not Jesus occupy himself at length, with the casting out, of evil spirits ?....yes.

    Also, very important, is Ephesians 6 verse 10 to 18....and why we need the armour of God.

    Battlefield soldiers used armour, not so ?

    Also, the discovery of giant-sized skeletons all over the world....yet another clue.

    Their heights ranging between 10 feet to 36 feet....

    Also, just type in "giants".... and there are plenty of Old Testament verses that pop up.

    So, it is not about glorifying demons and fallen

    It is UNDERSTANDING, that these creatures are THE REAL enemy, using human dupes via possession, to do Satan's bidding.

    Don't you think ?

    I do.

    As Ephesians 6 verse 10-18 clearly states...We wrestle not against flesh and blood, etc.


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