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  • LaTonya Foster on Luke 11:8
    What does the bible say about becoming a surrogate? Is it a sin?
  • Surrogates - in Reply on Luke 11:8
    It occurred in the permissive will of God: Sarah gave her maid to Abraham to obtain a child.

    It had been some time since She & Abraham were promised a child by God. You should read the Whole story in Genesis.

    It wasn't how God said it would happen. The boy Ishmael was 1/2 brother to Isaac.

    God already had said the Covenant child would come through Abraham & Sarah.

    He blessed Ishmael, but Ishmael is not part of the Abrahamic Covenant that includes ALL of the land of Israel. That's what they are fighting about in Israel, every day. It's in the news every day.

    Ismaels descendants are the Palestinians. The Israelis are the descendants of Abraham who own the deed on the Land of Israel. It is recorded in Genesis.


    The Battle of Armageddon will be fought over the land and the Israelis right to live on it. Stupid ignorant American Politicians will try to force the Jews/Israelis to give up land for Peace.

    GODS blessing is on those who bless Israel. If United States forced them to give up land for peace: THEN the USA will be cursed by God. That's all of us and kids too.

    Y'all better get active calling up representatives and get into some strong protest; threats to switch parties; not re-elect them. Nows a good time to speak up.

    If you're going to be passive and silent; you better be born again!!

    We're fixing to be Raptured off this Rock.

    For the Record: Twitter, Facebook, and Google are going to be taken over by the Antichrist. I expect there is a deal in the wind, already. Read the tech news.


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