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  • Lisa on Isaiah 1
    I lisa repent to god, to jesus, to the holy spirit, and to the saints, for sinning again heaven over and over again. my soul is crying out forgive me, forgive me. i come to you on my knees humbly asking you to how mercy on my soul. i am a sinner and i need help from the heavens above. help me please to understand righteousness, gods holy word right not on my own understanding please for my and my family life please
  • GOD RATHER NOT THE DEATH OF A SINNER - in Reply on Isaiah 1
    Dear LisaOnIsaiah1:

    God bless you! I noted with great concern your crying out to God to help you and my heart bleeds. Dearest sister, God does not rather the death of anyone but that all should repent and turn from their sinful ways to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. God has set a standard to meet this requirement and it is not hard. First, you must hate sin and anything that is sinful and have a desire to know and follow God's righteousness. You to become a child of God, you must: (READ Acts 2 and follow those instructions to be saved)

    1. Repent - Go to God and confess your sins and tell Him you are sorry for your sins and you want to turn away from your sins and be reborn (born again)

    2. You must be baptism in water in the Redemptive Name of Jesus (a sign that you have turn (bury) the old man and now rise from that water grave a new person (if any man be in Christ s/he is a new creation, old things are passed away, all things become new)!

    3. Seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit (The Holy Spirit will now help you to live righteous daily - THE HELPER)

    4. Pray daily and confess your sins and ask God to forgive you

    5. Make sure your heart is right with God - turn away from anything sinful and strive to life righteous

    6. Tell others as you go that there is a great judgment daily coming and man must be saved to avoid the great lake of fire and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

    7. Read the Word of God and ask God the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and teach you the Word.

    8. OLD THINGS ARE PASS AWAY - (all things are now new...) - do only righteous things (your guide: before you do them, ask yourself "WOULD GOD DO THINGS, SAY THIS OR GO TO THESE PLACES? If you deed it NO, THEN YOU MUST NOT THEM THEM EITHER! Love and praying for you sister. Hope to see you in heaven some sweet day. Stay bless!
  • Ronald - in Reply on Isaiah 1
    You bible readers need to realise ,there is no scripture that teaches us that we go to heaven when we die,the totally opposite .Gods kingdom will be on earth and Christ will rule from Jerusalem . The Bible is full of that prophecy Just read the next chapter Isiah ch 2 .STOP preaching false doctrine and hope's


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