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  • William Carlile Shepard III
    Prayer#1: God I pray for our future with you God.

    God I pray for all living things in the universe to appear and be seen to each other to speak and talk together.

    This year 2020 July 28th on a tuesday morning 8:30 A.M.

    God I pray for Danica Patrick my girlfriend and I Billy Shepard her boyfriend that we together and our families the Patrick's and the Shepard's that we receive your promises God. Amen

    Prayer #2: God I pray that this place earth I live on and born and raised on in The United States of America on earth for which it is which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

    That we the people receive your promises God to see them feel them and understand them by reading your book and hearing your voice aloud audibly. Teach us please. Show us please.

    Prayer #3 God I pray. Im at my friend Claudio's house where I am living. I ask God today God that you teach me and my girlfriend AGAPE LOVE etc.

    God's Love.

    God Im using my Laptop to communicate to you.

    I hope God you are receiving these prayers directly as I type these words to you.

    AGAPE love. Ever since I learned of this agape love. God s love. I feel 1000% better.

    It's important to me that I have this AGAPE LOVE of yours God and for our families the Patrick's and Shepard's to have this and experience and feel this.

    God can you please heal all of us on earth and in the universe.

    Prayer #4: God I pray to you God that you see us God with your eyes.

    God I pray that you see, speak and have fun with us Danica and Billy.

    God Im taking a deep breathe and a sigh of relief right now It feels good to breathe.

    God you are my best friend.

    I hear your voice all the time God when im listening to you.

    God some say I have a gift. God its you and the angels that are my gift.

    Lord your the father the son and holy spirit.

    Lord thanks for all the top secrets you gave to me by reading the Holy Bible.

    God thank you invisible man you are truly a magical person.

    Hope love Peace God.


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