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  • Rachel Bain on Genesis 1:17
    God didn't have to make man but he did and I think that he wanted someone not just animals to inhabit earth and I think think that is a beautiful thing that we are to be thankful for
  • The Reason for Creation - in Reply on Genesis 1:17
    Have a beautiful day loving Gods creation.

    Romans 1 says that God made all this so we could see Him.

    Even the human body is so unique and intricate, medical people can see that Someone all powerful had to of made humans.

    With the same care , God made flowers.

    All we see is supposed to turn our eyes off the fake, and get our eyes onto the CREATOR.

    And yet in following verses, the Bible says that people will look out of their unseeing eyes; and NOT see the Creator.

    It says they are WITHOUT EXCUSE.

    Always say a little prayer for God to open their eyes so they can see what you do:

    A Creator that loves them well.



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