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  • Fred Scanlan on Romans 2
    This chapter will answer the question concerning the narrow mind of those that consider the condition of a true believing christian unfavorable. When we take the word of God, we need to take it all, not just some of it. The church has failed in this. The KJV, some say difficult to read have taken it upon their omniscient self too reinterpret it for us! While there are interpretations that may be reliable, what this has done is open floodgates for misinterpretations. Paul has taken on the sinful condition that is present in each and every one of us! He is not writing to a small synagogue in Galilee, but to Rome! It will not be long after this that Rome will fall, that the darkness that Christ spoke of will be upon humanity itself! You can deny the truth, but the truth will find you out. Remember the clanging cymbal, it is nothing when it comes to the condition of mans sinful heart. What is most interesting is that scripture refers to love as charity. Charity is what each and everyone of us is in need of!

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