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  • Donna on Leviticus 19:28
    Does it state anywhere in the Bible about transgender?
  • Trusting God - in Reply on Leviticus 19:28
    It shows in Genesis, when God concluded creating, He called all that had been created VERY GOOD. No mistakes.

    You have to realize we are living in a Designer World. I am not mocking. Satan thinks he has you for keeps. He doesn't think you'll dare go to God and ask forgiveness for ALL sins (not just the surgery).

    We see now on tv, people who become very depressed afterwards, mostly because their parents can't forget the baby they brought home from the hospital and nurtured.

    Some transgenders commit suicide because of that spirit of rejection that comes in and makes his home in those people. Holding on to that soul with its claws hoping to take it to hell.

    But people are able to come to their senses (Repent) and ask God to forgive and save their immortal souls.

    Jesus died for all of humanity, from Genesis until now. No life was counted as not worthy. God so loved the WORLD...

    Even now God stands ready to welcome those who receive His Son Jesus, as Savior and Lord; and be born again. John 3

    Jesus gave us all He had.

    Satan loses ownership of your immortal soul. The only way you can enforce your freedom from the darkness is to massively consume Gods Word, the Bible. There is NOW no condemnation to those who are (hid) in Christ Jesus.

    The world system does not want anyone to get freed from it. The only lives that matter are the ones whose name is recorded in THE LAMBS BOOK of LIFE.

    If you have to choose...choose Jesus. In heaven you will receive a NEW TRANSFORMED body and a white robe of righteousness.

    Open the link above and read John 3 now.

    Back at this websites link page; scroll down until you see Become A Christian, and take the steps. Believe what God says about himself and His Son.

    Keep coming back here because we do care for you. The Discussions Link.



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