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  • Flossy Ann Archibeque
    This is what God did to me when all I did was love Him and other people. At age 10 He let me get depression that I 've had over 20 years now. He hasn't comforted me in the least. It says that those who seek him earnestly will be rewarded. Where is my reward? It also says God is not a man that he should lie. Well, then if that is true, he must be a man. I have been crying nights and days for years. Everything in me wants to say screw you. But I'm still here because my life isn't my own. I can't even hold down a job now I'm so messed up. I'm fighting to stay here. And God, He's just watching...Waiting for me to die so He can condemn me. This is what God does to people who love Him, He hurts them and watches them suffer and kills all their hope. This is what God does to people who hope in Him, He makes them wait forever with no answer and then almost gives them hope and then takes it away. This is what God does to terrible people, He blesses them.
  • Jesse - in Reply
    Flossy Ann,

    I do not believe that God is just watching, waiting for you to die, so He can condemn you. He may be watching and waiting, but maybe He is waiting for you to fully surrender your life to Him in order that He can work out His will in your life. Have you considered that? There is nothing we go through in this life that God cannot fix. But it takes complete surrender and trust in Him. It's one thing to seek Him, but another to surrender your life to Him and give Him complete control. That's not the easiest thing to do but that is something that must be done in order for Him to work in your life.

    There are many people here that can help you. There are many here who care about you. We may not know you personally, but we can still say we love you and care about you. I care about you and I love you. I am not speaking of a human love. I am speaking of the love of Christ. It's His love, and He is persuading me to share it with you. And all those here who care about you and your spiritual welfare can say they love you because it is Christ in us that gives us that type of love, and it is through Him that we can truly say we love you and are concerned for you. So perhaps Christ giving us that love and care to share with you would demonstrate that He does care about you. Jesus works through His people to reach out to others to share His love with them. I ask of you that if you've not surrendered to Him to please do so. He's watching you, and He is waiting. He's waiting to help you. All He expects from you is trust and faithfulness to Him.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    Flossie, I want you to go on YouTube and type this in search:

    1 Derek Prince depression

    2 Derek Prince familiar

    This is not about God waiting for you to die.

    You are under spiritual warfare from demons. Could be depression has affected other family members or ancestors.

    Tomorrow morning I want you to go through your home: drawers, closets, and look for idols. Anything that feels other worldly or creepy: books , magazines, hardrock music or music like Tool; Halloween stuff, zodiac.

    Tee shirts that do not represent Jesus.

    Demons use those things as doorways to get in. THEY ARE INVISIBLE. Ephesians chapter 6. Know what you're dealing with. I didn't and they almost killed me.

    Once you get rid of all that stuff you'll be ready to find out what's really making you feel bad. Nowadays people think that those who are depressed just need a different kind of medication. You have a chance to get off all that medicine, but Later, not yet.

    Derek Prince is a leading deliverance minister. Some of the videos are short. Listen to the longer ones. If Derek prays, you can pray with him. Hold up your hands and receive some deliverance.

    Demons don't care if you get saved. They just don't want you to get free and cast them out of your life. They are not your friends. If there's any kind of manifestation from them, say these words:

    "I am covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. His blood has washed me white as snow". Say that often.

    Right this second, I want you to pray and repent of saying that God is not Good. Ask the Holy Spirit to come ALONGSIDE and help you get free. Then say: I receive you Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!

    Ask God to send an angel to keep your home safe so you can sleep.

    Keep this email and let me know what happens. I'm here for you. We're going to pray together later. I'll check my mail

    Put the radio on a Christian radio station and make the demons listen to people talk about Jesus for hours.
  • T - in Reply

    Google it. Read it. Understand it.

    I too was in a very similar dark season of wilderness. Life-long: Depression. Anxiety. Confusion. Resentment. Finger pointing. I spoke against God, as you do because of MY misunderstanding and MY afflictions. Because of MY walk.

    I thought because I simply believed in God he was supposed to change my life. He was supposed to be there for me, when I needed him. I thought he didnt care for me and didn't care if I died. I pleaded to die. Considered suicide for over a decade. I yelled, I cried, I turned away from Him before ever knowing him. If I believed in God how could he want this for me? How could one person handle SO MUCH pain? Why me? Why?

    Guess what;

    God DID want me to die..yeah I said it. The ME who I saw. The ME who I wanted to be. The ME who thought I knew who God was. The ME who thought I was the creator of my life story. The ME who knew it all. The ME who indeed, needed to die.

    God didn't tear ME down. God allowed me TO be tore down. Torn apart. Broken. Physically, mentally and spiritually. God gave me free will to live how I wanted. He gave me the free sin. For the wages of sin are what? DEATH. Not having Complete Faith in God is..sin.

    Where am I going with this;

    Now, at 39 years old God recently called me. Finally I (ME) was ready. The man I was DID DIE. Praise God!! The man I was DID SUFFER UNTIL HIS DEMISE. God didn't kill me..he brought me to HIM. He is showing me WHO I AM. God has begun to saturate my heart(spirit) through the power of His Holy Spirit. I no longer live for ME. My life is in HIS hands. He knows what I need.

    Do you know a bone is stronger after being broken? Do you know that HE knows what is best for us? Are you ready to truly Believe in Him and to live through Faith?

    Do you REALLY believe in Jesus Christ or do you need some magic wand to live the life YOU want for YOURSELF? Believing truly in our Savior is to live in Faith. To live in Faith is to live in his will
  • Rebekah - in Reply
    Your testimony. I mean wow, I'm blown away at how Jesus Christ has worked in your life. And honestly I think people mistake alot from the bible, when it actually is the manual for living our lives. (You often hear "well, kids dont come with instructions" but, yet they do!.) Now I'm a sinner, been baptized in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Yet I stray. And sin. I did not heed the warnings God bestowed upon me, and now I'm asking for his help once again, hopeless to the idea of being able to leave my narcissistic husband. We are toxic together. Not only him but me as well. Please pray with me!
  • Mishael - in Reply
    1 Corinthians 7 is the marriage chapter.

    I'm old now so I can say outrageous things sometimes. I've been divorced 36 years. Live alone. I married for all the right reasons to the wrong person.

    Mary and Joseph we're engaged. Supposed to be a year, but she had to tell Joseph she was pregnant. He sought advise from his pastor, who told him all the laws for "putting away" Mary. Then advised Joseph to accept it. Joseph had a dream and was told about Jesus. Book of Luke.

    Dating would work better if we would take a year to really get to know who are we thinking of marrying. Everybody puts on a good front when dating a short time. It takes time to see the real face. Believers are NOT to marry unbelievers. We have no assurance they want to be saved, ever.

    Date long enough (no sex) till you can determine if they are interested in sharing your love for Jesus.

    This world system with its belief that 'anything goes' is NOT the voice to listen to.

    It has a devil running around seeking someone to devour.

    You need to be in prayer. Confess what happened. Ask for forgiveness. Ask God to help you. Christians are called to be at peace. If he is cruel mentally and emotionally and has ever threatened you; God may forgive the vow. I don't know.

    I would go see my Pastor and give him a list of reasons to seek divorce.

    I will pray for you to clearly hear from God on this issue. Read that chapter I gave you, slowly. The Bible does say God hates divorce. You can use the search boxes on this website to look up: bow, oath, marriage, divorce, put away. Your only safety in life will reflect how much of Gods Word you have in your heart (not head).

    Proverbs 31

    Matthew 5
  • Greg - in Reply
    Flossy Ann Archibeque;

    You seem to have faith and strength that most of us on this web site could only hope for.

    1 Corinthians 10:13

    "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it."

    With God and with His precious Word of life, You are stronger than you can possibly imagine!
  • Carleton - in Reply
    With Love and hope. :)

    My favorite song. "Arise, My Soul, Arise" Charles Wesley

    Arise, my soul arise, Shake off thy guilty fears; A bleeding Sacrifice In my behalf appears; Before the throne my Surety stands, Before the throne my Surety stands, My name is written on His hands.

    He ever lives above, For me to intercede; His all redeeming love, His precious blood to plead; His blood atoned for all our race, His blood atoned for all our race, And sprinkles now the throne of grace.

    Five bleeding wounds He bears, Received on Calvary; They pour effectual prayers, They strongly speak for me; Forgive him, oh! forgive, they cry, Forgive him, oh! forgive they cry, Nor let the ransomed sinner die.

    My God is reconciled, His pardoning voice I hear; He owns me for a child, I can no longer fear; With confidence I now draw nigh, With confidence I now draw nigh, And Father, Abba, Father, cry.

    This could be our song together as brothers and sisters of faith!

  • Norman Walker Butch - in Reply
    Flossy, I just want to say that my heart goes out to you in a way that I have never done in my life. God I am sorry I do not have the words to comment on this! Amen.


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