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  • Elle on Matthew 24:9
    Pray that I don't leave this place I reside until I receive this abundance of financial blessings God has promised..

    Pray that God destroys all witchcraft attacks and delivers me, dogs, and family from all witchcraft. Been in bondage for a year and would like salvation. Pray that I fast and pray for this deliverance and a financial blessings.

    Help me to trust God in the storm. Pray that he brings peace in this house permanently and blesses my requests I made to him.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 24:9
    You need to go on YouTube and watch some spiritual warfare videos. I like Derek Prince.

    Go to the entry of this website, in the red section to Community and select the "become a Christian " link. Go through that so you may be born again.

    You can't be saved and practice witchcraft. So you need to understand how serious this is. Demons are invisible. Ephesians 6

    They don't like to let go.

    Clean your house, top to bottom of anything that would open a door to demons. It must be destroyed first. Acts 19:19.

    When Derek prays, you pray too.


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