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  • ASHU on Matthew 28
    when Jesus said to Simon called peter and his brother Andrew casting a net into the sea and he said to them "follow me and i will make you fishers of men.

    also in Mark 1:17.

    what does Jesus meant by '' I will make you fishers of men''.
  • A Bible believer - in Reply on Matthew 28
    It means to be a evangelist preachers and converters.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 28
    I just peeked at The Commentary Box.

    It's talking about leaving your job and family, to go on the road to evangelize the lost, heal the sick, cleanse the leper's, etc.

    Ministry would become your new profession. As Chris has said from his ministry days; it's a hard life at times, but fulfilling.

    The poor you'll always have with you.


    Not many people want to be involved in full time or part-time ministry nowadays. It concerns me: The Prayer Request Room needs ministry in there every day. Can't we all give one hour a day to pray for folk?

    This website needs to fix the rooms so there are 3 separate rooms with comment separated by room name.

    There needs to be directions on how to get to the Commentary Box easier.

  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 28

    Jesus said, "Come after me." Now, who is this guy? Who can come along and command people to come? And the term "after me" is literally behind me. And Jesus points this out later that the proper position in following Christ is always behind Him.

    So they are casting their nets, they are fishing, they are conducting their business, and Jesus says come, come behind me.

    But notice what He says. He says two things:

    He says first of all, "I will make you." Jesus is the one who makes us to be what He wants us to be. He says "I will make you to become." This shows a process.

    These are important words. Jesus says "I will make you to become fishers of men." This is a play on words. He is basically telling them that they are fishermen, but I'm going to make you fishers of men. You see, they knew how to catch fish. But Jesus is telling them that He will make them be able to catch men and bring them to salvation.

    It is the Spirit of Christ, or Holy Spirit, that makes us to become fishers of men. God persuades us at the right time to witness Christ to others, but it is God who saves them.
  • ASHU - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Jesse thanks very much for your explanation that has thrown more light to my worry .
  • Greg - in Reply on Matthew 28

    The phrase "fishers of men" is a Talmudic expression which means "a fisher of the Law"
  • A Bible believer - in Reply on Matthew 28
    I dont think so... It is just a metaphor. It dosent mean fisher of the LAW. It means evangelists.
  • The Five Fold Ministry and Jesus39s Resurrection Morning - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Calm down. Jesus was speaking to his disciple who had been a fisherman by occupation.

    Jesus invited him to be shown how to "fish" for peoples souls.

    The word Apostle means, one who has seen the person of Jesus Christ; the Son of Man.

    The office of an Apostle, works as touching the 5-fold Ministry of: Apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist. Also, someone once said to me that 'pastor' is positioned on the ring finger because it involves full time shepherding of Jesus's sheep and baby lambs.

    If you open your hand: the thumb is the apostle. Using the thumb it can reach out and touch each of the other 4 fingers.

    The Apostle can minister in any of the other offices.

    My take: Jesus would like us to be versatile by nature. He had to do it this way because someone is always going to bark, "That's Not My Job!."

    We are all called to follow Jesus and DO the work of an evangelist.

    Personally: I don't have cable and I watch very little television. My computer is 1 year old and hasn't been used yet. I have an unproven theory that if we watch too much tv, our rears rebel and move around to the front. :D

    I'm just saying we have time to read the Bible. It goes much faster if you'll buy a Strongs concordance; a commentary; maybe a dictionary. How's your Bible appetite?

    I love Jesus! First time I saw that he evaded Satan all over the place and Satan could only focus on murdering the Son of God! Satan forgot all about Genesis 3:14-15 prophesy. When that spear cut into Jesus's side, He had already died. Satan didn't get to cheer :( Then when Jesus came walking out of the tomb: He bruised Satans head (I hope he knocked him out) and Jesus took the Keys and went to hell, preached salvation, opened the cells and led everybody in there out, in the streets and into Paradise. He then met up with both Marys because they were over at the Empty Tomb.

    This is the Mighty Son of God that we worship! He is worthy to be praised & adored.

  • T - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Wonderful Mishael! Truly enjoyed reading your responses in this discussion. Your time is well served.
  • A Bible believa - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Can you pls give me the scripture for that pls. Thx. God bless you with his Spirit.
  • What is the Ministry - in Reply on Matthew 28
    The fishers of men is in Matthew 4:18

    Four of Jesus's disciples were fisherman: Peter , Andrew and Brothers James and John.

    Talking of the five fold Ministry comes from Ephesians 4:11. The Holy Spirit gives gifts to the Church as He Wills; with signs following. Men cannot appoint themselves.

    We can all pray for the Holy Spirit to give us his gifts. 1 Corinthians 12. (1 Corinthians 12:28 ). 1 Peter 4:7-11

    You will know if Jesus calls you to minister.

    Find the chapter on the body of Christ. We're all part of that.

    He called me. I sprinted out to Street and made a fool of me. I crawled home. After a while the Lord said: are you through doing it your way? ( such a quiet, non- judgmental voice) I said YES!! He will be our Teacher.

    May God bless you. Mishael
  • A Bible believa - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Where is the scripture about Jesus preaching salvation to the things in hell?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 28
    I worked on that today. Half is ready. It's really scattered around in the books of much Prophesy. The Day Jesus was crucified, More than 100 prophesies were fulfilled.

    The odds of that happening are more than the stars in the night sky!

    See you tomorrow.
  • ASHU - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Good Day from Cameroon Central Africa

    Calvary Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    I Wish to thank, Mishael,Greg and JESSE for their contribution in helping to clarify some biblical explanations.

    I wish to really work with you guys in spirit and in truth for the expansion of the Kingdom.

    This is another puzzle which i have . i need an explanation to Matthew 5:13 to 16

    Talking about the ''SALT OF THE EARTH'' AND ''THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD ''

    Your clear explanation will help me teach some convert very well.

    Remain Bless as you labour in the vineyard of the lord.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Hello ASHU,

    Jesus says, "You are the salt of the earth."

    Please notice that He's not saying we should be. He is telling them that at this point and time in experiencing the fullness of God, He says, YOU ARE the salt of the earth. And then He says, "YOU ARE the light of the world."

    Salt was used for two things. Number 1, it was used as a preservative. They used it to preserve food, especially meat and vegetables.

    They also used it for purification. In 2 Kings 2:19-23, salt was used to purify bad water. So it was used as a preservative and it was used for purification.

    It was for preserving something from decay, and purifying something that has decayed or rotted.

    But to know why He used the term salt, there is something that we need to understand. God made a covenant of salt with Israel, Numbers 18:19, which God said would be upon David and his descendants, and Paul in Romans Chapter 11 said all of the Jews of the Kingdom.

    Matthew 5:14-16 says you are salt and Light. He went on to say in this section that you can't take a light and put it under a bushel. That is not what people do with it.

    What He is saying is you can't snuff out the light of the Lord. The light amongst the Jews was the Messiah. We are salt. Christ in us is the light, and Christ in us is the purification and the preservative for the people around us and especially in our life.

    The command is to let your light so shine. But the thing is, is that the light cannot be put out. The literal translation is "Shine your light" which is a commandment of God. Our light always shines because God commands it.

    Hope this helps!
  • ASHU - in Reply on Matthew 28
    Can salt loose its SALTINESS?

    What if i says yes,what will be the biblical back up?
  • Salt Without Savory - in Reply on Matthew 28
    People's Bible Notes for Matthew 5:13

    Matthew 5:13 Ye are the salt of the earth. Salt preserves from corruption. The disciples of Christ preserve the world from general corruption. Whatever becomes utterly corrupted is doomed to be destroyed. But if the salt have lost its savour. Salt is worthless if it has lost its qualities. It preserves no longer. It is fit only to be cast out and trodden under foot. So, too, if those who are the salt of the earth cease to communicate saving power, they are fit only to be cast out, and Christ will cast such out of his mouth. See Revelation 3:16.
  • ASHU - in Reply on Matthew 28
    thanks Jesse once has helped so much.


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