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  • Godbless on Acts 1
    Please, i need a study bible and christian matterials, that can help me grow in faith. Thanks.
  • D W L - in Reply on Acts 1
    You need a church & Pastor that believes, lives, and teaches the whole bible, all week not one or two hours on Sunday morning only. Study the first four books (of the KJV new testament BIBLE - Matthew - Mark - Luke - John plus Acts. I am near 80 and have read the 66 books (bible) many times and they are new every time. I love real personal testimonies - experiences of people today but not made up stories.
  • Lyn - in Reply on Acts 1
    Try typing Andrew Wommack Ministries into Google or some other search engine - he has LOTS of free resources on his website. I hope this helps. A free online study Bible is e-sword. Type this into Google and see what you think. If you want a physical study Bible its worth visiting a Christian bookshop to find one that is perfect for you as there are many to choose from. I hope this helps. :-)


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