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  • Joel on Genesis 10
    Where in the Bible does it refer to God taking home a wayward or rebellious child earlier than he had planned for that person to live on the earth?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 10
    There is a scripture that says our days are written down. I'll look for that tomorrow.

    Stephen was being stoned on Sauls orders, and it is written that Stephen saw heaven opened and Jesus standing up; which means that Jesus was going to intervene. I believe he took Stephen up right then, by an Angel.

    I think it happens. I can not make an assumption without knowing if this child had ever attended Church, or had been taught about right , wrong , sin, righteousness; Jesus.

    People I know and pray for, still refuse to come to Christ. I still pray for them, but I cannot violate their right of free will.

    The Bible says ALL of our tears are saved in a bottle. In heaven He will wipe the tears away personally. There will be no memories of tears or loss.

    My nephew died in a fiery 18-wheeler accident; same age as my son. It didn't make me feel any better to know he died instantly. But I knew he was a Christian.

    Take Jesus's Life and give Him yours. Just hang on and let Him have that ache in your heart; the anger and all the loss. Someday you will know the truth of that tragedy.

    Alot of us are waiting for that day. I will lift you in prayer tonight.


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