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  • Jason hall on Luke 7:23
    What does Ecclesiastes 10:7 mean
  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 7:23
    Jason, this chapter in Ecclesiastes shows us that those in power & authority over us, are not always honourable & worthy to be in that position. They may have got there through various means, whether by blood-line, wealth, deception, creating fear, etc. However they are placed there, that position doesn't necessarily make them suitable or give them the needed wisdom to govern. We can sometimes see this in the workplace: how often we notice that a person is really not suitable for the job given him, or the manager of a team, shows no ability towards that position but was elevated to it because of some great need or even because of favouritism.

    So here in Eccl 10, we see the writer (likely, Solomon) giving his observations, as a wise man. In verse 7, he is saying that some leaders should not be so because of incompetence. That is why there are some lowly folk who show more wisdom than the leaders whom they serve (servants now ride the horses which the famous 'wise' leaders should have been seen on), and the leaders are now humbled & "walk as the lowly servants walk". Wisdom in life, i.e. not just knowing about the world but to know live carefully & honourably before God & king, is the key in this chapter. And this thought fills much of the book of Proverbs also.


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