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  • Terry on Acts 17:11
    What scriptures can you share with a person that you care about but don't understand the fact that every thing, is not going to go or be ok every day.

    Please help me.
  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on Acts 17
    Some of my favorites:

    John chapter 16 is Jesus preparing his disciples for difficulty, ending with "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." (verse 33).

    Acts 14:22 is an exhortation to continue in the faith through tribulation.

    Romans chapter 8 is Paul's testimony on hardship and the believer's victory in Christ Jesus.

    Revelation 2:8-11 is Jesus encouraging the suffering Church.

    Revelation 7:9-17 shows us a great multitude come out of tribulation, redeemed by the blood of the lamb.
  • What Can We Get From Reading The Bible - in Reply on Acts 17:11
    Proverbs is a great Book to get wisdom.

    Psalms is about the realities of life: high, low; rejoicing and weeping; regrets and renewal, and much more.

    Song of Solomon is a picture of The Lord and his Bride.

    The Old Testament history records are about no matter how far you sink and sin; reject God: eventually people realized they must return to God; and God took them back.

    It seems when things are going good: we slip back into our old sinful ways.

    Lamentations is a heartbreaking book. It shows you how far God goes to bring us back to Him.

    I can never understand how easily we can just drop God out of our lives, when it suits us. How do we do that? Do we think that He doesn't love like us; ache when we hurt ourselves.

    I'm weird I guess. I could see how viewing movies on Netflix did not edify my spirit. I dropped them and had PureFlix for a time. The process of being entertained disturbs me. That's when I really started reading huge sections of the Bible. One day I made myself read all the genealogies. I'm asking what does this teach me? God knows everyone who has ever lived! He keeps it all written down. He knows us; we aren't invisible like we feel sometimes in a crowd or standing in line at the grocery store. He's as close as you let Him be. I never cry alone. He's with me watching clouds, or sunsets. I adore rain because I see the flash and hear the thunder and to me... it's me hearing his sound. We need more God consciousness. You can have as much as you want. No limits. He will show you Himself in the world as much as you can see Him in his written Word: the Bible. Dive in, get wet, splash it on someone else. Maybe that's how we share it with those we love? Experience the love of our Savior. I cannot define the depth of His love. Lean into Him. That's all I can say. Mishael
  • Chris - in Reply on Acts 17:11
    Terry, that's wonderful that you desire to help a dear one in this matter. As you know, most of the Bible gives the 'tonic' required to overcome our daily struggles in life, whether in the physical, emotional or spiritual realm. But I understand that you are actually looking for Scriptures that just demonstrate what a person goes through in life. The only real pertinent portions I can think of, relate to actual peoples' concerns & struggles within, so I offer the following:

    a. King David. In many of the his Psalms, he writes of his anguish, loneliness, fear of the enemy, his heart-cry over sin, and the guilt he struggled with because of it. We also see his huge grief in the loss of his son (2 Samuel 12:15-24). See also Psalms 38 & 42 for various expressions of sorrow & despair. You can see many of his other Psalms.He was well acquainted with grief.

    b. Elijah. 1 Kings 19:1-14. We see him fearing for his life as well as a lot of self-pity.

    c. Jonah. Jonah chapter 4. He is an angry man, disobedient & selfish.

    d. Job. Job 1 & 2. As you know, here is a man who lost everything: his family, servants & animals. He then was physically afflicted with boils. Chapter 3 shows some of his grief as well as other chapters as he talks with his 'friends' & God about what he is going through.

    e. Jeremiah. Also known as the weeping prophet, Jeremiah suffered from constant rejection by the people he loved and reached out to. God had called him to preach, yet forbidden him to marry and have children. He lived alone, he ministered alone, he was poor, ridiculed, and rejected by his people. In the midst of it, he displayed great spiritual faith and strength, and yet we also see his honesty as he wrestled with despair and a great sense of failure. Jeremiah 20:14-18.

    I hope that as you read these portions, & if you can read as much about the person as possible, you will learn how many of these notable folk suffered a great deal inwardly for an extended period of time.


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