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  • Stephende on Romans 1
    I find it difficult to hear Paul's attacks in this chapter. He implicates almost everyone on earth with his puritanical view and probably hypocritically himself. Did he ask firgiveness from the Jews whom he cruelly railed on for converting? He preaching is pedantic and obscure for interpretation of the scripture. He lacks empathy which clearly Jesus himself possesed. Yet Christians everywhere points to obscure passages to defend their heartless views against women, queer folk, and humanity at large as they cling to their narrow views and support a wholly unholy man who sits in the white house. Am I right? I know I am. Who will contest?
  • Jbvoy1 - in Reply on Romans 1
    Remember Paul was on his way to persecute Christians when Jesus said to Simon "why do you persecute me Jesus light so bright it blinded him for 3 days and his heart was change in an instant, therefore hypocrisy is out of the picture since Jesus forgave him on the spot and Jesus renamed him Paul to show the change in his heart. So no he can't be a hipocrypt.
  • Adam - in Reply on Romans 1
    This comment is a false interpretation. What's ironic is the very chapter that's being critiqued predicted this sentiment in verses 20-25. Those with a closed and darkened heart won't comprehend it.
  • Keith - in Reply on Romans 1
    "You know you are" are not correct...You know (nothing)...
  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on Romans 1
    The truth here is ugly, but any that reject it do so to to their own peril. This isn't merely Paul's value judgment but is in fact God's assessment of the human condition. Any and all of us at our natural best are equally abominable in God's eyes and worthy of Hell forever. Paul even confesses this of himself (1 Timothy 1:15).

    Yet God loves the vilest sinner and sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to pay for all our sins. He didn't come to affirm us sinners in our destructive death styles, but to redeem us and deliver us out of it. It's really not love that holds back from warning a sinner, who is already condemned, about the coming judgment (John 3:18). I encourage you to keep reading Romans.
  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on Romans 1
    I neglected to mention above that the full list of objectionable behaviors in the latter half of Romans 1 is the result of the wrong choices initially made in verses 21-23. An evil root yields detestable fruit.
  • Steve B - in Reply on Romans 1
    Stephende - it appears to me in Romans that Paul in showing that we are all under sin - Greeks, Jews, Gentiles - no one is perfect except Jesus (and that includes me and you). No one, is exempt. Paul is battling the Pharisee's who think they are exempt from the condemnation of a sinful nature, because of their man-made laws. However, like every Book and Chapter you need to read everything and not just stop at any place you want to stop, because so much is missed. That is like hanging your entire doctrine on one special verse. Romans was written as one letter to be read in its entirety at one time. Very few have the patience, or steadfastness for God, to even complete that one task. But, I would encourage you to try it, and see what the whole of the letter says.


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