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  • Alex on John 3
    Alex Comments about the Sabbath Day under the new covenant. Under the new covenant its our bodies that is his temple as the scripture said abide in me and i in you meaning 24/7 not 1 day a week . The Lord no more dwells in temples made with hands he has to be born within us thats y he calls himself the son of man , he wants mankind to be his temple, its a bride n bridegroom situation 24/7 forever .He even tells us that we are the branches and the branches have to abide in the vine 24/7 or it will whither and die. The branches cannot abide in the vine 1 day a week. Nothin less then your complete cooperation is exceptable,its like building a house if ya cannot give it all away and give it to the poor ya cannot finish the house, And men that stand by began to mock him saying this man began to build but was not able to finish,So like wise he be of you that cannot forsake all that he has. count the cost,its gonna cost ya everything but you will gain a kingdom, Christ in you. Our fellowship is with the father and his son NOT Bro. Jones or sis. Johnson, Christ in you 24/7,Jesus died that he might make every day Holy not 1 day a week. Now its our bodies that is his temple. Abide in me and i in you 24/7. There does remain a day of rest for the ppl of God but its a 1000 yr day when Christ will reign on this earth, A day is a 1000 yrs in the sight of God but that day will neva end . His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom that has no end . Remember Davids prophesy of a kingdom coming that wd have no end. Remember what steven said b/f the church gang stoned him, The Most high God does not dwell in temples made with hands,organized religions, there shall not be 1 stone left upon another that shall not be cast down. Churches on every corner but no Jesus . Your house is left unto you DESOLATE the churches.Jesus warned us about the great abomination of desolation that was coming. The nite comes when no man can work. Darkness has covered the earth and gross darkness the ppl . GBU


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