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  • Steve Lynch on Genesis 1:2
    The earth was created perfect but it became void an without form. and the reason was because of satan's rebellion against god. and he drew in a third of god's children by his diseption. so what was once perfectly made then became void and without form. so god destroyed that earth age. we were all in our spiritual bodies then before god destroyed the first earth age. so then god brought forth the second earth age that we are living in now. but sin came into this earth age and it grieve god that he had made man in the flesh. but wasn't willing for man in the flesh to do that he himself wouldn't do us. so he was manifested in the flesh as jesus christ. and he gave his life on the cross for all of mankind. so now we have a choice to accept him as our lord an saviour an be redeemed of our sins by asking for his forgiveness. god was not willing that anyone would perish. so he sheds his grace on us all through jesus giving his life on the cross at calvary.
  • Greg - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Steve Lynch,

    Right on concerning creation.

    If people are not aware of three separate and distinct heaven and earth ages (Genesis 1:1-2, 2 Peter ch. 3), how can they understand the fall of Satan or the RE-setting of the earth after the destruction of the earth in the 1st earth age.

    God does everything perfect.

    I don't understand how people think God created the earth a ball of water and needed 6 days to fix it!


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