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  • Cesar Turcios on Exodus 7
    according to exodus it was in God's plan to harden pharaohs heart, but does this explicitly imply that pharaoh never had a chance.
  • Mishael on Pharaohs Hard Heart - in Reply on Exodus 7
    You need to read more slow, Exodus 1 through to chapter 11 & 12.

    The children of Israel were slaves to Egypt for 400 years: subject to starvation often and body breaking work to build Pharaohs cities, monuments, etc.

    Pharaoh had all male newborns killed to control Jewish numbers. Was that fair?

    They finally seriously started crying out to God to deliver them! Don't feel sorry for Pharaoh. The story inExodus is different from Hollywood's Version.

    God knew Pharaoh was not going to let them go, so He alerted Moses to prepare for Passover, and spread lambs blood over the door mantles and celebrate the first Passover meal.

    The last plague was When God sent the Destroyer through Egypt and all firstborn of Egyptians fell dead; even Pharaohs son.

    There was no more haggling about herds and cows for sacrifices; Pharaoh told Moses to take everything and get out!

    The children of Israel leave, but then Pharaoh chases them to the Red Sea to slaughter them.

    I think Pharaoh had every chance to change his mind.

    God is at work within human wills to see the sheer miracle of earths creation to understand that none of this crawled out of the water onto land and walked until it evolved into humans. Romans 1 says clearly that we are able to understand that Someone made all of this! It says we are without excuse if we don't see it. Then we become: WITHOUT EXCUSE. Like Pharaoh we are left alone with our decision to oppose ourselves, and God.

    Some people just aren't going to be saved.

    Only people who can see God in his Creation, and accept the Creator of that creation; will respond to His Word, The Holy Bible, and the people who carry the Good News that Jesus Christ was born, lived a sinless life; was crucified for the sins of all mankind; was in the tomb 3 days and was Resurrected on that 3rd day, Victorious over

    Death, Hell and the Grave!!

    We can trust Jesus in all things pertaining to Life.
  • Cesar Turcios - in Reply on Exodus 7
    Amen. My question now is did Pharaoh know of the one true God or was he accustomed to pagan idols all his life and didn't know any better?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Exodus 7
    After all the plagues you would think he'd know Moses's God was doing it.

    He was raised Egyptian and he only worshipped Egyptian gods. His gods couldn't bring his son back to life.

    First thing God Created was Time. He set a clock in motion for people, animals, everything. God lives outside of time and inside of time.

    He's the Alpha and the Omega: the beginning, and the end.

    He doesn't chart our lives or our choices. He gave us a free will regarding choices.

    As you can see with the plagues presented to Pharaoh; God was at work in Pharaohs will to help him change his mind. But he was greedy and wanted free labor forever.

    God knew which way Pharaoh was going to choose.

    He knows which way we're all going to choose. Look up reprobate. Some people just will not choose To seek God: no matter how many times God reaches out to them within their wills.

    Satan is the bigshot I WILL in the world. That's his speech for everything.

    So do we sometimes: I will do what I wanna do no matter who I hurt!! Ever heard that fly out of your mouth? I hope not.

    God wants us to choose Jesus. It's out there. The good news. Question is... are we going to accept the free Gift of God?

    Have you?


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