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  • John. on Leviticus 1
    Is it true that one can become possessed by an evil spirit?.
  • Unknown - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    what do u mean about what is sabbath
  • Chris - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    John, the possession of humans by evil spirits is very real. Even when looking at examples of this in the Bible, where Jesus dealt with them (e.g. Luke 4:33-36; Mark 9:20-27; Matthew 17:14-18; etc.) we know that this demonic activity was very much evident in those days as it is in ours. As Mishael has warned, that fooling around with occultic practices, even laying open our minds by use of drugs or pursuit of demonic religions, makes one highly susceptible to demonic possession, or oppression.

    My personal experience of one such occasion was when sharing in a Bible study in another country. My passage was actually on 1 Peter chapter 3, sharing with families in that respect. So, it was a study not essentially on the Cross or victory over Satan, etc., yet a lady in our midst appeared overcome with heaviness (sadness on her face) & later began to shake a little & then uncontrollably. I thought it weird given the passage of Scripture being looked at, but had later come to realize that when God's powerful Word is opened & read, then the spirits are also troubled. Indeed, "the devils (i.e. demons) believe & tremble" (Js 2:19). That woman wasn't shaking because of an affliction or being moved by my teaching: those which possessed her were agitated at the reading of God's Word. The end of that, was that my indigenous brother took charge & dispatched that evil spirit from out of her. She fell onto the bench she was sitting on & later recovered smiling & joining us in sweet fellowship, being freed from her torment. After some days, we visited her to see how she & her family were doing: and PTL they were all overjoyed in her release & being normal & useful in the home.

    I just share the above to give you a personal witness of such things that go on all the time. Evil forces surround us, many succumb in different ways, but to the child of the Living God, he walks on with joy & confidence, knowing that "greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world (Js 4:4).
  • Mishael on the Dark Side of the Devil - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    Yep. People in the Occult, Reading Horoscopes. Tarot Cards. Fortune Tellers at the circus or phone psychics. Pornography. Sorcery is the practice of doing drugs, dope, alcohol; buying Wiccan love potions or other injectable products; strong belief in Halloween type magic.

    Then there's the full on satanists: with their book of shadows. It ain't good. There's thousands of ways to part human beings with their cash. There are levels in satan that can do things to people who opened the door for them to come in.

    There are wicked human spirits: people who give use of their spiritual bodies, so the demon can murder. Satan owns their souls.

    If a person has not received Jesus Christ to be their Savior; been born again and received the Holy Spirit... they have no protection from the demonic realm. Nothing but the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ can save us; protect us; protect the family; protect those that we love.

    I'm not a deliverance minister but I've survived an attack. The Blood of Jesus is more powerful than you may know. Angels (big ones) are real. Everything the Bible teaches about this is absolutely Real.

    We already are able to see a demonically driven crowd on tv, destroying everything in their path. Steal, Kill, Destroy, Violence, hatred. It was the same kind of crowd that screamed for Jesus to be Crucified!!

    Barabas was a cold blooded killer and that is who got to go home that day.

    The Good News is that Satan thought he was finally going to see the Son of God die on a Roman Cross! He exulted in every moment of Jesus's pain and then His death. He even had the Romans post a detail of guards outside the Tomb. Satan was just about to go to a party when the stone rolled away! Jesus stepped out and smiled.

    How much does Satan hate people? Lots.

    Don't dabble in the black practices. Get saved. Idols are doorways. Get rid of it.
  • Lionel - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    Yes it is true. As a human being, you are a spirit, you have a soul (your mind, will and emotions) and you live in your physical body. What gives you and I thr right to interact here, is the physical body. Look at the physical body as an earth suit just like staying on the moon needs wearing a suit to survive here.

    Demonic powers also want to have a way to have influence on this earth. That is the reason why the demons try so much to look for a physical body to work through. So yeah, demons can and do try to possess physical bodies.

    That is why you and I must be full of God.
  • T - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    I was lead to stop what I was doing and to respond again, to provide Biblical references. Out of many the following scriptures stood out to me:

    1 Timothy 4:1

    Matthew 17:18

    James 4:7

    Ephesians 6:10-18

    Luke 4:33-36

    Peter 5:8

    God Bless!
  • T - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    I am not a biblical scholar and can not point to the specific scriptures, my apologies.(Those who can will comment.) But simply, yes, 100%. It is not necessarily the "Hollywood version" either. This is why it is so important for us to follow the word of God. His law. Many things people believe to be normal culture, today, open the doors. Drug usage, the New Age spiritual movement, music, movies, sex addiction and perversion, sin etc. All stemming from SIN. The Bible does offer many accounts. Possession will change a person or cause them to worsen in many ways that are, at times, somewhat easy to "see." Evil spirits want to turn us away from God and his Truth. If you are asking in regards to someone in specific please place a prayer request, here on KJV, for them so that we may pray for them. Prayer is powerful. The good news is God is THE most powerful and has already overcome Satan. It is God that has the authority and power to remove and restore! I sincerely apologize for being vague in regards to scripture and I hope this helps you. God Bless!
  • Mishael - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    You did good!

    Sometimes I feel like a twisted voice crying out in the wilderness. In the prayer request room I saw that people are being oppressed from lack of knowledge. I asked the Lord what I was to do.

    For so long, people ask why God is letting all the bad things happen. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. One of satans names: Destroyer.

    I'm praying for people to get sick of watching dance shows, talent shows, super strength shows: to hate the superficial poison of people who only love the money. To me it looks like a spider that drains its victims dry. My heart aches for people always watching other people on YouTube. Even little children. I'm learning war. They will be Left Behind and I can't bear that thought.

    Cling to Jesus. Worship His Holiness.

    Did you know? The air of heaven is Faith.


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