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  • Word 76 on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Verse 13 is the subject those that are dead, asleep and it goes on to tell us they are returning at the 7th trump with the Lord and no where does it say rapture or retuning. Read Ezekiel 13 and know no one flys to save their soul that is a thought up from preachers own minds that made it up out of their own Devine thoughts, not From God and he hates those that teach it. We who are alive are here through the tribulation and we will be here until the Lord returns at the 7th trump with fire to clean the earth of evil. Satan comes in deception Revelation 12 and stands in Jerusalem claiming to be God return and don't follow him. If someone shows up in peace and prosperity making a 1 world system claiming he is God he's not because The Lord comes with fire and hail stones and lights up the sky and all will know who God is.


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