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  • Dennis welsh on Isaiah 43:18
    i have diffculty forgetting my sinful past.
  • Mishael on Bad Memories - in Reply on Isaiah 43:18
    So did I. By faith I asked God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to remove the memories of sin. I had been an astrologer and my mind was filled with 1000s of interpretation of planetary aspects.

    Afterward, I tried to remember anything simple and it was just gone from me!!

    The Holy Spirit already knows what's troubling your mind. If it's old lovers or memories of abuse even: BY FAITH

    give the memories to Him and He will give you peace from the old sins; memories.

    Every time you remember that you forget, Praise God.

    Memories are a place that Satan can still try to deflate our happiness in being saved and belonging to God.
  • Mishael on Compromise - in Reply on Isaiah 43:18
    You need to stay in Luke 15. Backsliding isn't really enjoyable. When all your money is gone, all those good pals move on.

    The more you stray, the more you struggle to come back home where you are loved.

    The conviction in your heart means the Holy Spirit is still dealing with you.

    There's a stronger word written in Deuteronomy 30:14-19

    I wish someone had told me that when I was younger. I wasted a lot of years.

    When you are Born Again, John 3:3-21, you will receive help from the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit. He will guide you into all Truth.

    Confess weakness at 1 John 1:9. Every day if need be. Receive strength. Gods mercies are new EVERY morning. Remember to thank Him for it.

    Satan hates to lose one; but you make it clear that he has NO claim on you.

    You wrote in. I think you are going to make it. I pray The Lord would reveal His Glory and blessing on you; keep His hand on your Life and strengthen you.

    Build a little block of time in your days to spend in the Bible. Read the Gospels how strong and focused Jesus was. How aware of the people around him, he was. He didn't talk over their heads. He spoke plainly and openly.

    If Jesus had 99 sheep in the fold and you had wandered a distanceHe would come find you.


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