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  • Alex on Daniel 2
    Comments about true faith as in Hebrews 11. The substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen, in the natural when a woman is pregnant she has the substance of things hoped for ( the child ) the evidence of things not seen a living fetus . But thats just prophetic of the church that is gonna have a baby for Christ which is the H.G. THAT CHILD OF PROMISE.As the scriptures say the woman the Church shall be healed in Child Birth. The essence of real FAITH is a spritual pregnancy which is the substance of things hoped for the EVIDENCE of things not seen. which is Christ being formed in you THE H.G. as we have borne the image of the earthly we must also bear ( birth ) the image of the heavenly which is Christ in you. Thats y he always refers to himself as the SON OF MAN mankind is gonna birth christ in our hearts. Thats y the sower wants to sow his precious seed in our hearts which is the Word that initiates FAITH the substance of things hoped fOr the evidence of things not seen simply b/c that which is born of the spirit is SPIRIT SOMETHING WE CANNOT SEE BUT WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE OF IT THE H.G OUR NEW HEART AND NEW SPIRIT WHICH IS CHRIST IN US SINNERS. LORD BE MERCIFUL TO ME A SINNER. That good seed is gona form Christ in US. ty jesus. Y am i telling ya all this SIMPLY b/c thats how the kingdom will come via a birth of Christ in us. Unless you receive the Kingdom as a lil child you will in no wise enter there in. She brought forth a manchild that is gonna rule all nations thats the H.G. AS JESUS SAID WHEN HE THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH IS COME HE WILL REPROVE THE WORLD OF SIN AND JUDEGMENT ETC GBU.

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