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  • Deacon Roger Lemm on Genesis 3
    Question : Why are so many college age young adults accepting Evolution in place of Creation ? Bible clearly shows a Young Earth of 6000 yrs from Now to Peter it says Not be Stupid / Ignorant in this One area....The Area of TIME..Total Time is 7000 yrs of This Present Creation with Jesus Ruling the World during the Last 1000 yrs of Time...Yet We dont bother it seems to Study and Show This World Proofs of a Young Earth showing BIBLE is Factual in ALL it Declares...Evolution is pure Atheism and Its King is Satan...
  • IwG - in Reply on Genesis 3
    In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them
  • Evolution is a False Religion - in Reply on Genesis 3
    I will include a testimony at the end of this:

    In American schools, the Genesis creation narrative was generally taught as the origin of the universe and of life until Darwin's scientific theories became widely accepted. While there was some immediate backlash, organized opposition did not get underway until the Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy broke out following World War I; several states passed laws banning the teaching of evolution while others debated them but did not pass them. The Scopes Trial was the result of a challenge to the law in Tennessee. Scopes lost his case, and further states passed laws banning the teaching of evolution.

    In 1968, the US Supreme Court ruled on Epperson v. Arkansas, another challenge to these laws, and the court ruled that allowing the teaching of creation, while disallowing the teaching of evolution, advanced a religion, and therefore violated the Establishment Clause of the constitution. Creationists then starting lobbying to have laws passed that required teachers to Teach the Controversy, but this was also struck down by the Supreme Court in 1987 in Edwards v. Aguillard. Creationists then moved to frame the issue as one of intelligent design but this too was ruled against in a District Court in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District in 2005.

    The issue has remained contentious, with various US states debating, passing, or voting down alternative approaches to creationism in science classrooms. There is no bar in US law to creationism being taught in civics, current affairs, philosophy, or comparative religion classes.


    My 8 yr old son came home and asked me if "we humans came from apes?" Quick prayer! I said no. We come from God. He blurted he had to take a test the next day on evolution. He was upset.

    I quizzed him on ape lives vs human. Then I told him he had my permission to FAIL the test. Which he did.

    Don't bow your knee to False Prophets!

    Believe in God only!
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Children are being taught from both home & school that published 'historical' facts are far more reliable than any faith-based understanding of the world we live in. Even the apostles had to combat this intrusion into the early Church where this gnostic influence & teaching was creeping in, which amongst its many teachings, taught that man's knowledge & ability to acquire it was of far greater worth than virtue. This suggested that it was fine to be morally upright, but the acquisition of knowledge was of greater value, & through knowledge one could better himself & delve deeper into one's subconscious to find the divine.

    Is it any wonder that the Bible is no longer required but one can depend on what scientists, philosophers & sages have discovered over the ages & this becomes the truth on which we must establish ourselves & proceed from. So, if children are taught that their ancestors were actually apes & through a pictorial description show that evolution over time proves that humanoids developed from them, then if the matter of faith in the biblical account is brought to them, it becomes a strange unbelievable teaching lacking any substance. And so it would, if everything that is taught to them is so-called 'fact based', even though those 'facts' may well be full of errors. But what do they care, as long as they progress in education & matters of 'religion' are left out for those so inclined.

    The question then is, have Christians failed their societies by remaining quiet when devilish teaching went on, subjecting our young ones to lies? Would the tide of wickedness be stemmed somewhat, had Christians overtly resisted Satan? How many have arisen to withstand this onslaught? Very few, while we remain smug in our Churches ensuring that at least in those hallowed halls, our people & children are taught God's Word. We might have a lot to answer for in our suppression of God's Word to all.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 3
    volution is a false religion.

    Archaeology, geology& other sciences prove the earth is billions of years old.

    Science has proved the Bible is accurate.

    Nothing evolves; it adapts to change; environment.

    Between Genesis chapter one, verse 1 and 2, maybe billions of years passed. HOWEVER, God did not Create TIME recording until Genesis 1:1: "In Beginning"

    In the Hebrew that verse does not say: In THE beginning. God set TIME in motion before he began creating.

    IF you have a Bible with the center of each page, references to other scriptures that backup, explain or reference to even more scriptures: you'll get a glimpse of the pre-Creation things that God made.

    Scientists have found whole skeletons of dinosaurs and other creatures, and say they did not die by fire or asteroids. They died rapidly: as if frozen fast. I've seen many scriptures that refer to ice, hoar frost; Job refers to Gods storehouses of snow, hail, etc. All planets show evidence of once having water; but not anymore. Except earth. The Bible says God SHOOK the earth and turned it UPSIDE DOWN.

    If it's necessary for you to be born again after all this is proved; then get after it. There are no more debates. Let God be true, and every man a liar. God cannot lie.

    Don't delay being born again. Time is almost done for this Age.

    I do not dispute with science. I do dispute with evolution.


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