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  • Di on Revelation 1
    Why do Mennonites say not to take their picture?
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Mennonites, like the Amish community, generally refrain from being photographed as they believe that the photograph might be considered a graven image which could also lead to vanity as they might look at it in other ways than for purer reasons. Therefore, no pictures are found in their homes & some select few, also forbid the use of mirrors, for the same reason. Of course, we know the meaning of the First Commandment applied to the Israelites, that they not create any images to represent God to worship it. But this commandment is carried over incorrectly to a personal application. Vanity & pride are spoken of in the Bible as sins, but dealing with it in the mind is more important than representation in a photograph.

    Their whole focus on Christian living is based on 'simplicity' without any of the 'modern' paraphernalia that would cause our minds to become distracted from God's intended lifestyle for us. There is merit in a lot of that when we look at the manner of living of many these days with our penchant for material goods & display of our bodies.


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