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  • Rodger butcher on Matthew 21:13
    If Jesus says not to buy or sell in your house of worship then why do most or a lot of churches do and will be judged for braking one of God's law if they keep doing it and don't asked to be forgiving.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    Hi Roger, doing sales and marketing and cheating in a church was what made Jesus more angry than any other time recorded in the Bible. So, it's a big deal and in my opinion church leaders who choose to charge $ for coffee, books, shirts, concerts, and have ATMs in the church will be dealt with severely. It is a severe lack of judgment on their part to do the one thing that made Jesus so angry in the Bible. The audacity for someone to do exactly what Jesus hated and didn't want is like slapping Him in the face, in my opinion. But today you will find thousands of churches doing exactly that. Satan even works among the churches to deceive Christians.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    So true Adam. Our excuse would be that this type of 'ministry' (whether coffee or books) is justified as it's not being done 'in the sanctuary' but outside of it & for other people's convenience & for necessity sake. How will the Lord find His Church at His Coming.
  • Naomi - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    You have got it right.


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