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  • Hilda on 1 Peter 1
    1 Peter Chapter 1

    Jesus is the mediator between our Heavenly father and humanity 1 Timothy 2:5, 1 peter 1:3

    Adams sin brought a curse upon all humanity. Sin and death or( a separation from God and humanity.) Jesus death was a sacrifice for us all to be reconciled back to the father

    1 Peter 1:18 Romans 5:19

    Jesus was baptized by his cousin John the baptist Luke 3:21,22

    Jesus received the Infilling of the Holy Spirit (Jesus did what was pleasing to his father)

    Jesus human nature was transformed and his divine nature allowed him to be in harmony

    with our heavenly father so that he would to be victorious over the weaknesses of the

    human flesh. 1 peter 1:16

    Our hope is in the victory that Jesus demonstrated to us( Jesus is our example )

    We can be reconciled back to God our father if we submit our minds over to him, just

    as Jesus submitted his mind over to the father

    According to your faith,you can submit your human weaknesses over to our Heavenly Father and Jesus, whose Divine Power is greater than our human weaknesses. 1 peter 1: 21, 23

    You can obtain salvation according to the word of God.

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