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  • Alex on John 1:1
    Comments about John 1 v 12 KJV . This v 12 is trying to tell us something in the spirit."Even them that believe on his Name " like in Namesake a grandson ( Gods GRANSONS which are spirits )Who is he speaking of not BORN of BLOOD, nor of the will of MAN , nor of the will of FLESH ( CARNALLALITY SATANS SEAT ) He is not speaking of US, this is about the Namesake the H.G. THAT HAS TO BE BORN in us SINNERS, Its the H.G that comes in his NAME,Jesus said the Father wd send the H.G in MY NAME via his seed the WORD. Several times Jesus said blessed is he that comes in the NAME of the LORD THATS THE H.G. that comes in his Name. Its the H.G. that is not born of flesh nor blood , nor of the will of man. he is not a flesh and blood being but a spritual being that has to be born in US. Its the H.G. that can only be born by the will of God,not by the WILL OF ANY MAN BUT ONLY BY THE WILL OF GOD. As Jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirit thats the H.G. The only way we can become the Sons of God is by the BIRTH OF CHRIST IN US SINNERS WHICH IS THE BIRTH OF THE H.G. THAT WHICH IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT IS SPIRIT. When John mentions NAME that rings a bell .Jesus said the FATHER ( the one who sows that good seed jesus ) will send the H.G IN MY NAME.Even in the natural we all know that whosoever sows the seed is the father of the child his Name (sake) the H.G. Thats y he came, to make mankind righteous via a good seed the word the contents of the new covenant, That Book . I will know them ALL from the least to the greatest and i will put my WORDS IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS ETC.Being bornagain of an incorruptible seed etc even by the Words of God.The blood is also the Word as Jesus was the WORD MADE FLESH AND BLOOD,Thats y he says you are made clean by the Word i have spoken unto you.When he said Blessed are them that come in the name of the lord thats them that have the H.G. his name sake the gransons,the children of Promise.Whosever receives one such Child in my NAME receives Me


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