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  • Fabian adams on 1 Peter 1:5
    How will salvation "be revealed in the last time"
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Peter 1:5
    Fabian, we often think of Salvation as being saved from the penalty of our sin through Jesus Christ. But when the Bible speaks of it, Salvation is all-encompassing. That is, we are saved from sin & we are saved till that work of the Cross finally gets us into God's Presence; we also call it our 'completed redemption'. So our salvation from sin is complete & perfect - nothing deficient in what Jesus did for us. But we will only realize the full extent of it, when our Salvation sees it planned end in God's Abode.

    To give an earthly example: you see a man drowning far out in the ocean & you, a proficient swimmer, immediately go out to save him. You reach him & manage to pull him to the surface & keep his head above water so he can breathe. Is this salvation? Yes it is, you have saved his life. But you keep him out there, together bobbing up & down in the waves. You make no attempt to bring him to shore, simply satisfied that he is alive. Both he & those on shore urge you to bring him in but you refuse because you have saved him from drowning & you're exhausted in your efforts. Salvation in Christ is like that & more: He saves you completely (i.e. you now receive his new Life), but it isn't finished if you're left 'bobbing up & down' in the ocean of sin & suffering around you. Jesus ensures that the Work He has started in you will be brought to its full completion when He comes back for you or requires you sooner (Philippians 1:6).

    And the beauty of this example is seen in your willingness to save that man, even though it could well mean the loss of your life. But you went, counting his life more precious than yours. So, Mishael's very moving words, "If you were the only person on earth; He would have done it for you", are so apt when we think of Love so great & unfathomable.
  • Mishael - in Reply on 1 Peter 1:5
    Salvation has been revealed (offered) to mankind all over this earth for 2000 years by Jesus's followers, all of that time.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ is free to all who will listen to it and desire to be born again into the Kingdom of God. It did cost Jesus everything and his Life to make this possible. If you were the only person on earth; He would have done it for you.

    If you have one or can borrow one, you'll need to read of this in John chapter 3. When you are born again after saying a prayer and receiving Him as your Lord and Savior; your own spirit will be made alive to Jesus. Best connection on the planet.

    Jesus will give to you the gift of The Holy Spirit. To protect you, comfort you, teach you about Jesus; help you stay on an even track; warn you when you get off track.

    You give your sinful life to Jesus, and take His Life, to walk with you for the rest of your Life.

    After an event in history already referred to as the Catching Away of the Church of Jesus; it will be exceedingly difficult to be born again then. Read the Bible (on this website) or get one. Preferably a King James Version. Decide whom you will follow? This dying world system, or Jesus.

    Right now you can talk to Jesus. He will hear your prayer.


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