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  • Alex on Jeremiah 1
    Comments about Jer. 1 the Manchild that is gonna rule all nations. Which is the H.G. The prophet Jer. neva did destroy nations and kingdoms etc. It was just propetic language that a child was gonna rule all nations which ANSWERS to Rev 12 and that child is the H.G. And that child is Spirit AS GOD IS SPIRIT THE OFFSPRING OF Jesus the Grandson the begining AN ISRAEL OF GOD, MUCH GREATER THEN NATURAL ISRAEL. Jesus said that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit, The reason he is Spirit is simply b/c he is the Living WORD, that good SEED that comes out of Jesus mouth and his Heart a heavenly nation ( Gods ) To whom the WORD came it made them Gods. Thats what the H.G. is the offspring of Christ, Jesus has a seed to sow in humanity, its the seed of God. Scripture says the H.G fell on them that heard his WORDS i.e. hearing and understanding his words results in conception. and gestation. Being born again of an incorruptible seed even by the Words of God. B/C I have spoken these WORDS sorrows have filled your hearts, then he tells them that these sorrows will only be till the Child comes which is the H.G. tHAT CAME AT PENTECOST SOME 50 DAYS LATER. He tells them that these will sorrows will pass after the Child comes, Then i will see you AGAIN simply B/C/ he is the Child, tHE H.G. Whosoever receives one such Child in my NAME receives ME , Unless ya receive the Kingdom as a lil child ( The heavenly birth ) you will in no WISE enter there in.There cannot be an Israel of GOD WITHOUT A GRANSON, there cd NOT be a Natural Israel without granson Jacob. It was granson JACOB whos name was changed to Israel, we know that the H.G is the Granson simply b/c he comes out of Christ loins, his seed, his Breath was HIS WORD, HIS SEED Thus the H.G is truly the GRANSON FOLLOWED by an Israel of God, Remember Jesus said that the good seed are the Children of the Kingdom( Gods ) that are gonna be born in US VIA HIS SEED the word. When Isaiah saw the Kingdom coming he said unto US A CHILD IS BORN.

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