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  • Harold Willett on Matthew 28:19
    This will be my last review comments what ever you'd like to call them but the Trinity has meaning I don't see most understanding either. Especially when it comes to baptism. In the name of? Well what's that mean? Use Common Sense when you ask that question. If I tell you tell so in so such in such it's done in the name of my kid what do I mean? Do I say this is done in my kids name OR do I say this is done in the name of Harold? In the name one 1 Father God his son Jesus and the who? Holy Spirit. No one days there names when baptizing. In the name of God our Father his son Jesus Christ and Jesus his Holy Spirit. If you understand how to Pray then you understand how to baptized in his name he already told us how to. He didn't need to write it out as I have because he already gave all of us the gift of Common Sense although satan has begun to strip that away from many of us as well hasn't he? I'm Always willing to come speak to others anytime if I'm ask and I do everyday in some sort of fashion and I enjoy doing it. You see when people know your real and not a judgemental person they'll listen to you. Social Media is such a simple way of being a witness. God always finds a way for us to do his will especially when he enters a thought of what he wants us to do and we don't do it he find another way. Like me I've tried to ask others to let me speak at there church or some gathering and they won't allow me to do that mainly because I don't have a degree in religious studies and that's satans excuse there giving out. They try to say it's God but deep down they know. It's called being afraid of what someone else might say not having a single bit of Faith and many pastor's are like that and I'm so sorry they are because God has to jump through all kinds of hops since many don't listen to him. But he gave us all our own free will and he never messes with that he just takes a different route. Do Christian's go to heaven and mixing the Bible with you life is a book I wrote.
  • Timothy Chapman - in Reply on Matthew 28:19
    Can you please tell me. Where are all the passages at that talks about how you are saved I know Mark 16:16 Acts 2:38 I have forgot the other ones so if you can please tell me where they are at would be awesome. Thank you much Tim I am a member of the Church of Christ in Glasgow Ky.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 28:19
    Timothy, here are some more verses for you:

    Eph 2:8,9; Jn 3:16-18; Acts 16:30-33; Rom 10:9,10; Jn 5:24.
  • Mishael on Laborers in the Harvest - in Reply on Matthew 28:19
    Your gift is much needed in the prayer request room. Don't go away.

    Speaking as an old street minister/ evangelist from the 80's... God still works through us.

    I didn't go to college or seminary! I Have been in the school of the Holy Spirit for the past 35 years! He teaches me everything He wants me to know.

    All I have to do is sit still and Listen.

    Psalm 63:6, proverbs 8:34

    I'm not going to get into testimony now. I'd rather talk about the Holy Spirit. Come over to those who seek help from God; who need someone who can pray with wisdom and discernment.


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