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  • Dean on Luke 1
    Tender Mercies?

    God has shown mercy to sinners by the gift of His Son Jesus the Christ and who was obedient to His Father's will to the point of death and that whoever believes in God's gift being that His Son paid for all the believers sins will receive God's tender mercy. See mankind is now born with sin and then he commits sins of willfulness and sins of ignorance. Without remission of sin God must judge mankind because God is Holy and Justified. He's is God....We are not. But by His mercy which is obviously tender He made a way out of the death penalty for us by offering His Son as a replacement for us and all of the worlds sins were poured out on Him when He hung on the tree. If that isn't mercy for us I don't know what is? God so loved me that He gave His only Son for me a lost sinner and now I can hold my head high knowing that His Kingdom will come and I will be remembered and have a life without the decay that holds me now. He is tender and merciful in His ways that I can't understand but if I read His Word I will know the path.

    Believe and you will be saved. That is tender mercy.

  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 1
    Thanks Dean, for a great testimony & account of the Lord's immeasurable mercies afforded us undeserving souls. Our heads can only be held high in praise based on all that He has done for us & nothing from ourselves. It's ALL of Grace.


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