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  • Lost 1 on Hebrews 12

    I know it must seem like I'm looking for reasons not to believe but the truth is I have repented and turn away from my past life even moved away to get away from the people i was hanging out with and to get away from the drugs that took over my life, i study the word daily and truly try to live my life for Christ married a wonderful Christian woman with a wonderful heart for other people and the Lord, and i thank the Lord for her daily, and i will also tell you God has answered prayers 3 times when i've been at the point of giving up i asked a simple prayer, i said Lord if your still here let me help someone today, on 3 different occasions spur of the moment when feeling really down i prayed that and all 3 times i got to help someone the 3rd time 2 people I wasn't looking they all just seemed to pop up, but then i get that feeling from Hebrews chap 10 vs 26-27 and any joy seems to fly out of my life. But i don't quit I stay in the word and repeat 1st John 1 vs 9. It just that feeling that i knowingly sinned and waited to long, and that is what i want other to learn from, stay in Christ no matter what the world offers you nothing can compare to living for him, as i said before the most miserable person in the world is a fallen Christian who can't find his way back, it's that nagging feeling that haunts me. Hopefully i will be able to join the prison ministry at my church the one thing i want to tell them is to accept Christ never take your eyes of him and take his great mercy for granted.
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    Hebrews 10:26,27 is essentially a word of warning to those who apostatize (go back to their Jewish beliefs). It is the same warning that is given to the same people in Hebrews 6:4-6. As you know, Hebrews is a letter to Christians who were mainly those who turned to Christ from Judaism. And there was always a tendency for some of them to revert to Jewish Laws, Practices & Sacrifices, or at least try to syncretize them to Christianity. If they did this, then they did despite to Christ's death & His shed Blood was worthless. This is the sin that the Hebrews writer is referring to (as in Hebrews 6 also) & this warning was also given strongly by Paul as he being an ex-Jew (Pharisee) was well aware of what this fusing of the two would mean. (Galatians 4:9). And this meaning is further qualified in Hebrews 10:29, speaking of "treading under foot the Son of God" & despising the blood of the Covenant.

    So, when you see the reference to sin or falling away in Hebrews 10 & Hebrews 6, it clearly doesn't refer to the sins that we may commit & seek forgiveness for, but for horrible sins of Christ rejection (i.e. by fusing the Old Covenant with the New) & for blasphemy (i.e. attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to Satan). And I sincerely don't believe that you have fallen into this type of sin that was being done by some.

    And that should be a wonderful ministry amongst prisoners, but you need to be confident in your own salvation & in the Word of God before sharing with those who are prisoners both physically & spiritually. Often they will need just a listening ear & open heart to their plight, but you also have a great message to share with them that will bring them out of their chains of darkness into Christ's glorious Light. And I pray that you will be strengthened in your mind & spirit as you stand for Christ & against Satan.
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    Thanks for those comments & your great testimony. Certainly, your love for the Lord & to be used by Him is paramount in your life & that you have been blessed with a wonderful gift from the Lord, in your wife, all show that you are in a place of God's Delight & Blessing. I didn't see your first comments as that of "reasons not to believe", but from one who was/is struggling with 'feeling' the presence & joy of the Lord which could cause you to wonder about your position in God's family.

    I did endeavour to show you that the fact of our salvation (which is Christ-generated & Christ-based) is more worthy an indicator of our blessed state, than what we 'feel' in our daily Christian walk. If I had to look purely at my 'feelings', I would often see my unworthiness, my filthiness & being a candidate for rejection, if I had to account for every sin & misdemeanour in my life. That is why the blessed Spirit of God is given to us: not only for instruction & comfort, but to immediately show us our sin/grey areas in our lives so that we can do something about it. Often I find that those who have a 'feeling' of being lost or unworthy, are those who are either judging themselves too critically or entertaining sin in their lives. We are told to judge ourselves (1 Corinthians 1:31,32) but it's always in the light of revelation, whether from the Word or by the Spirit. And if there is known sin, then we need to confess, repent & turn away from it.

    I did mention too earlier, about the need to correctly understand Scripture, & I fear that you are looking at passages such as Hebrews 10:26,27 & Hebrews 6:4-6 at 'face value' rather than the actual intent by the writer. So, if I could shed some light that may allay your fears. (onto Page 2.)


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