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  • Nimone Jones on Revelation 3:8
    Praise God, in acts 10:11 peter said unto Cornelius and his men that God is a respector of no man but if he fear him and worketh righteousness God will accept him. No one is entitled to anything from God but because he's faithful, because he's just, because he's a merciful a gracious father he gives favour unto those who honour him. He's the God of all gods, the beginning and the ending, the great I Am that I am. He holds all in his hands he's in control, when he opens a door for they who fear him and honour him nothing can close that door. We who are so weak, clothed in garment of flesh the Lord find favours in because we honor him. Praise God, all things are for the glory of him, all we do and all we say should be unto him, with that open door whilst its unto us as a gift for our loyalty it's also for his glory so we as his children should bring glory unto his name always. Matthew 5:11-14 we are the salt of the earth and if salt loses its flavour it's tossed out and trampled, it's good for nothing, we are the Light of the earth, a city on a hill cannot be hid. As the salt of the earth and the Light of the world where ever our heavenly father opens the door we must continue to flavour and continue to shine so others might see and glorify our father who art in heaven in Jesus Christ name.

    God bless you my dear


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