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  • Peter on Colossians 1:22
    God made everything. he even put genes in you to make his image in man and of course he put the neurotransmitters in you to maintain that image if you develop your mind with God but Adam didn't do that. Adam had one commandment and he broke it after naming the woman, woman because she came from man and then naming her Eve, and so he was expelled form the Garden and missed his chance of developing with God. God puts ten commandments in front of us. Children mis that chance if we do not lay the foundation so as they can choose wisely when they are adults.

    Genes do not change or mutate when they develop as they are suppose to with God; but when we develop with wrong stimulations get wrong results and often mutation after the fact that we reap what we sow and so we reap mutations; appropriate stimulations give appropriate results, Inappropriate gives inappropriate results. So what is one suppose to do. Do as you do if you are getting appropriate results as no man or woman is perfect; and when it comes to our children we can only do what we know to do and or is natural to do, and i know it may be hard to know what is natural anymore as we have or are losing touch with nature. Nevertheless, it is all about mind development and how we develop and no man or woman can help it if they do not plant the proper seeds. That is maybe the function of parents and or actually man as he is suppose to be head and or is usually head and or the woman if she is the head . It seems that nothing is straight forward any more and at this point; i usually quit as I do not need the confusion etc........

    Incidentally, O I know now why scientist do not have a MindHQ, in fact a few messages ago; I actually did a MindHQ along with my answers and i think I passed it but I knew the answer as I designed it, and or copied it from an intenet search on the brain or mind and or something
  • Helen - in Reply on Colossians 1:22
    Are yoU saying that this is why the world an people are so messed up,,, an don't know which way to turn ,,,,,Say a five year old little girl already dealing with thinking she should be a boy so much so she wants a boys haircut an feels happy that way.. this world is a mess ,

    Perhaps I'm way off point but this is troubling.


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