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  • Q E Williams on Mark 4
    Even Jesus our Savior, The Son of Man and the Son of God, After He had fasted forty days (40 days) he was weak, but He was the WORD, so He spoke to HaSatan three times from the OLD TESTAMENT, "IT is WRITTEN " So we must hide the WORD in our heart that we must know the WORD and Speak it in Fairh! "FOR IT IS WRITTEN!" There is POWER Iin the WORD! We need the WORD 24/7! We must stay focused and not distracted! The storms may come and Go, but If We Know the WORD, SOEAK TO THAT STORM to BE STILL and Know that HE IS GOD! They forgot who was in the Boat with them! That's what happens to Us in our daily living.. distractions come, and we forget, "He said He will NEVER LEAVE US" KEEP THE FAITH...allow HIM to take you to the other side...BUT GOD, GOD GOT YOU!


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