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  • How close is the enforcement of mark of the beast?
  • Mishael on RFID Chips - in Reply on Revelation 14:11
    Facts about RFID chips to help you understand the truth and the realities behind them.

    There is NO mention of mandatory RFID implants in the AFFORDABLE CARE Act, but there WAS mention of data collection from class II devices in an early version of the law (HR3200). Read online.

    RFID chips are real, and there is more than a decade's worth of legislation about their use.

    Georgia, California, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Virginia have all passed legislation that prevents mandatory RFID implantation.

    RFID chips don't have to be implanted. For instance, they can be put on credit cards or animal tracking collars.

    The FDA has shown some RFID implants to be safe for implantation in humans. A version of the RFID chip is currently in use as an animal tracker, either implanted or used in a detachable collar. These are used to track household pets and monitor endangered species. RFID chips are currently in use in ankle bracelets or wrist TAGS to track both vulnerable newborn babies and make sure they are only taken out of a hospital by their families.

    While the ACA doesn't allow for data collection from class II devices, it does contain wording about electronic data collection to improve the quality of care and better coordination between doctors including SEC. 3015. DATA COLLECTION; PUBLIC REPORTING.

    It is reasonable to think that, in the future, RFID chips will be in more widespread use. They could be implanted or be used in identity cards, alert bracelets and such. Not only could implanted chips monitor your health status if you were diabetic or prone to seizures, but they could be used as GPS, a means to transfer currency, cell phones, computers, etc.

    BEWARE of Government MANDATES. See if your State has legislated to Prevent unlawful tracking for now.

    The Holy Spirit told me, each individual would have to Consciously CHOOSE to get the Mark; worship the Beast.

    Just don't get it on the HAND OR THE FORHEAD.
  • George. - in Reply on Revelation 14:11
    Blessed be the Holy Ghost!
  • Pat - in Reply on Revelation 14:11
    The mark of the beast is not a literal mark nor chip. It is a choice we have to made. Either for Christ or Satan; God or man Sabbath or Sunday worship.


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