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  • Leslie Olayiwola on Psalms 141
    It's about communion. Every 1st Sunday in Church we had communion, we are to show the LORD's death toll he returns. Confess sins, only God can take away. Haven't had communion since lock down. How should I have communion at home,should I have it at home and why can't I have it at home? I am a Christian not a Catholic it makes a difference to me.

    I await your answer. But in the mean time I will check my

  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 141
    Yes you can do it at home. Find the first communion in the Bible, And speak it out As you take the elements assembled.

    I do this in remembrance of you, Jesus.

    It's important not to partake until you have forgiven people who have wronged you.

    Let it all go.


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