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  • Jesse on John 5:43

    Should a person have to read how to be saved if they're already saved? It seems as though you are making an assumption that Adam is not saved? I've read most of his posts and I see no reason to doubt that he is saved. I would like to comment on the faith and works portion of your post if you don't mind. You say that for faith and works, it can't be both? I think that for a person who belongs to Christ, it is both.

    Works show proof of faith. James 2:14 says, What doeth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him? Literally, can the faith save him? The question itself in Greek expects the answer no. Can the faith save him if he says he has faith but does not have works? The word works in the Greek text literally means activity.

    If we put faith and activity together, we understand that if God's Spirit is present in us, there will be activity (Works). Works do not produce faith. But faith produces works. Martin Luther had problems with James because he said that James contradicted Paul's teachings because Paul said that we're justified, not out of works but out of faith. But James said if you don't have works you don't have faith. So it sounds like they are contradicting each other.

    But Paul talked about the root of the tree that faith does not come from out of works. James on the other hand talked about the fruit of the tree. That is to say, if you have the faith of Jesus Christ, you will bear fruit (Works) from the Spirit of God.

    Jesus said that in Matthew Chapter 7, by their fruit you shall know them. We don't produce fruit. God's Spirit in us produces fruit. And that fruit is evidenced by good works. Paul talked about the root (Christ) where salvation comes from. James talks about the activity (Works) of God's Spirit in a person's life. So I would say that for a true believer, there has to be both.

    Yes, we are not saved by human works, but once we are saved, there will be activity (Works).


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