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  • Mishael on Why Evil Things Happen on Matthew 7:5
    When Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven (pre-garden of Eden), he was on the earth in the darkness. He was here when creation began.

    When Adam and Eve sinned, Lucifers name became Satan. He obtained the deed to the earth.

    Evil was here until 2nd Adam, Jesus came to earth, became the Son of Man, and fulfilled his work as Messiah; the Son of God.

    When Jesus was crucified, He fulfilled over 100 prophesies. One was Genesis 3:15, And I will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman and between thy seed and her seed, "IT" shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel."

    Jesus got the keys to hell to release the prisoners; and He took back the deed to the earth. Satan was stripped. But he's still here. At the 2nd Advent, there will be a war between Satan and Jesus. Satan will lose.

    That's why we have an I WILL running around to and fro in the earth exercising evil against people. Gods children are hurt too, but we can pray for Divine intervention if our faith is strengthened and exercised.

    Even in the Lords Prayer, we pray: deliver us from the evil. If you don't know what that prayer means, you are going to suffer hurts or worse. Get knowledge and fight!!

    Satan is a loose evil will in our world. That's all he's got, but that's bad enough. That's why I tell people to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of Discerning Of Spirits. You'll be able to discern when evil is about or when angels are near.

    Learn about spiritual warfare. Don't start seeing demons everywhere. Learn what their fruit is.

    Look, I'm not going to tell about weird stuff that's happened to me. If you have weird stuff then you can ask me. My testimony is Heinz 57.

    Be blessed because Jesus has overcome them!
  • Extra Extra Read All About It - in Reply on Matthew 7
    Yes satan is still loose how do you think He tempted Jesus and were warned to suit up cause satan seeking whom he may devour- He is the god of this world who is blinding the minds of so many in 2 Corinthians chapter 4- The part when He is casted out happens in midst of the 7 year trib when the israelites are told to flee- When he will be casted out of Heaven for good when God intervenes for the Israelites in Luke 21 & Zechariah 14 when satan gets mad at God and goes for us chritians Revelation 12 But we living in them end days where Jesus warned when the gospel been preached to all Nations then the end would come cause google is now adding links to chapters on this bible and removing scripts
  • Mishael on Bibles being taken - in Reply on Matthew 7
    After the Rapture (Caught Up) the government will forbid Bibles. They will be confiscated. You need to Hide one that hasn't been altered.

    Better yet: be ready to meet Jesus in the clouds of heaven. This world will be destroyed after all prophesies are fulfilled.


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