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  • KWAW on Proverbs 24:33
    the bible says in proverbs chapter 24:33 "Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man"

    but according to studies, it is essential for man to have at least 8 hours of sleep, to help the brain function properly coupled with other benefits derived from having a good 8 hours of sleep.

    i am a student, and also very passionate about my ambitions of becoming a successful business mogul. so therefore which advise do i heed to.

    if i keep up learning and researching and avoid sleep....maximum 2-3hours of sleep only out of 24 hours...would that be helpful?
  • Chris - in Reply on Proverbs 24:33
    KWAW, have you tried sleeping 2-3 hours only over an extended period of time? If you have had to do it to maintain your regimen of studies & research, you will soon find that your waking hours are not going to be very good. You will get very sleepy, lose concentration, maybe get irritable, become unhealthy, etc. Adequate sleep is a must & should be seen as a far greater need than even achieving success. Sleep is important to help your body & mind recover, heal & stay in focus during your waking hours.

    My suggestion is that you choose the time of day that suits you best to do your research & writing of papers (sometimes it is better in the early hours of the morning when the mind & body are fresh). If so, then go to bed earlier (7:30 or 8 pm) so that you can get adequate sleep before starting early the next day. And in a short time, your body will adjust to the new time schedule. But please don't neglect your rest time; and don't neglect your time in prayer & God's Word which are able to refresh your spirit & guide you through your day.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Proverbs 24:33
    Deep sleep is when the body repairs the Immune system, and other body breakdowns.

    Turn off your media when you're not watching it. It's actually a conduit for evil.

    Believe it or not, Isaiah heard computers. Isaiah 8:18-22.

    Note: familiar spirits (demons), follow families. They can hang around at an old house and "haunt" it, till a relative of the family shows up. Christians can make them leave by the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

    I turn my media off unless there is a particular program I want to watch. I don't watch 95% of it. I read proverbs to my grandson. He prays over all our meals. He's 7 and toothless LoL
  • Amanda - in Reply on Proverbs 24:33

    Yes definitely important to get your sleep.

    Did you think for a minute that this might be a spiritual condition of a soul?.... Too much slumber, too much sleep...leads to walls broken down (fences) and fields full of thorns (thoughts).

    So yes get your sleep, but dont neglect your spiritual life.

    God is good!!
  • Adam - in Reply on Proverbs 24:33
    Hello, good question. It's necessary for us to get adequate sleep in order to function. Jesus slept- even slept on a boat during a storm, so he was probably pretty tired. So, I think getting 8 hours sleep is normal and good. Perhaps slothful means something more severe, like someone sleeping all day. 15-20 hours and doing nothing and accomplishing nothing. I suspect that is closer to what a sloth means. The sloth animal sleeps 15-18 hours a day.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Proverbs 24:33
    Hello Adam,

    Yes indeed, sleep is good. I think I might fit that description of the sloth, as I do enjoy my sleep. I mainly wanted to respond to the first thing you posted to tell you that I owe you an apology. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I overstepped my boundaries and I do realize my fault. You owe me nothing. All I ask is that you accept my apology and forgive me for be offensive toward you. It is never my intent to offend a brother or sister in Christ, but I have failed. Again, please accept my apology.
  • Adam - in Reply on Proverbs 24:33
    Hello Jesse, that's nice of you to say that. I forgive you for whatever that entailed. I read and respond to a lot of comments sometimes and don't remember the specifics, but don't wish to remember either. Thank you and take care.


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